BC 21 upgrades - anyone?

Friends, my trusty Blue Circle 21 has fallen on hard times. Some sort of electrical gremlin prevents it from firing up. I suspect I will have to send it back for their attention. I was considering the possibilty of upgrades. The basic tweak is $1000 and full boat is north of $2000. Is this typical for an upgrade? Even the lesser work equals pretty much what I paid for it new. Anyone here had either version done? Tx. David
Blue Circle gear is very nice but spending this much on the upgrade of your BC21 probably makes little sense vs just buying a used Blue Circle BC3000 or something in that category.

Fix your BC21 and sell it. The thing that sucks about it is that not many shops will want to mess with Gilbert's silicone covered, point to point wiring, custom parts, custom everything, design. So most likely the only way to fix it is to send it to Blue Circle.

If you're in US and don't feel like sending it to Canada for repair, may be Ben Jacoby fill fix it for you. He's in Brooklyn, NY.
Audphile1, sound advise. Much obliged.