Anthem AVM30 and D1 Statement Upgrades

Has anyone heard when these are actually coming? I bought an AVM30 injJanuary, in large part after talking to the tech in Canada at Sonic Frontiers telling me about the amazing upgrades that were coming first qtr of 05. I love the processor, but I want to see all of the upgrades. Anyone heard when they are actually coming??
there are postings on avs forum about this.
Here's their press release, dated 9/9, although no date is announced for availability:

Anthem’s high-end Statement line is at the forefront when it comes to providing leading-edge technology that remains anchored in the realm of affordability.

(Mississauga, ON, September 9, 2005) Anthem, part of the Paradigm Group and a leading manufacturer of high-end electronics for music, home theater, and distributed sound systems, announces an impressive feature list to be included in its new Anthem™ Statement D2 preamplifier/surround-sound processor. Scheduled for release later this year, this next-generation model is slated to include all of the unparalleled performance features found in its world-class sibling, the Anthem™ Statement D1, adding broadcast-quality digital video processing. New features include:
• Four HDMI™ Inputs – for digital video, digital audio and multichannel high- resolution audio.
• Video Transcoding – allows S-Video and Component Video inputs to be digitally processed and enhanced and then routed through the Component Video and HDMI™ outputs.
• Leading-Edge Video Format Conversion – the Anthem™ Statement D2 utilizes the Gennum GF9350 VXP™ Image Processor, which boasts fourth-generation broadcast-quality image processing algorithms for conversion of any SD or HD video standard to other video standards, up to a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.
Key features of VXP™ technology include:
– Superior image quality using per-pixel processing.
– Very robust film mode detection.
– TruMotionHD™ Adaptive De-Interlacing to ensure optimal image sharpness
and picture resolution when converting 480i, 576i and 1080i inputs to progressive scan.
– FineEdge™ Dynamic Directional Interpolation to eliminate jaggy artifacts (i.e. temporal distortion) found in traditional de-interlacing algorithms.
– FidelityEngine™ Image Enhancements to remove unwanted noise and improve detail.
– RealityExpansion™ True 10-Bit Image Processing for eye-catching natural imagery.
• On-Screen Displays – Both the Setup Menu and the Status Update (which is superimposed onto the picture during normal use) are displayed on the Component Video and HDMI™ outputs, at any resolution up to 1080p, providing the first and only "true single-connection solution" to an HD projector/monitor.
• Macrovision Support – Allows VCR tapes to be processed and output through HDMI™.
• Aspect Ratio Conversion – Allowing Letterbox and Pillarbox removal through various user settings.
• Zone 2 Component Video Output – Allows the second set of Component Video outputs to be used for HD video switching of sources for the second zone video.
• Advanced Hardware Framework – Allows much longer cables to be driven without degrading the signal, or losing it entirely, and also provides support for ultra-high bandwidth 1080p/60 Hz. Anthem™ believes that image processing is far more effective and efficient when executed inside the preamplifier/processor as opposed to through an external image processor (scaler) for the following reasons:
– Video scaling in the SSP enables processing of as many sources as the preamplifier can accommodate.
– Convenience. With video signals processed in the SSP, audio and video do not have to be switched separately as the user switches from source to source.
– In the Anthem™ Statement D2, video processing can be "tweaked" separately and accordingly for each source.
– External scalers cannot accommodate playing DVD-A through HDMI™.
– Software upgrades can be easily incorporated over time (see below). In keeping with Anthem's demonstrated commitment to providing software and hardware upgrades, free software upgrades will be available to add even more features and enhancements to the Anthem™ Statement D2 in the future. Plans are underway for the above list of features to be made available as a factory upgrade (cost to be determined) for all existing Anthem™ AVM 20s, AVM 30s and Anthem™ Statement D1s.
If one buys a D1 used (off of audiogon of course) will Anthem allow it to be upgraded? Their warranty implies you must buy only from your local dealer.
I emailed support about D1 upgrades when the D2 info hit their site. Customer service assured me that upgrades would be forthcoming, but they would come after the complete D2 roll out.

There was not specified time frame and the response seemed a bit annoyed that I had referred to some online discussions about the subject.