Has anyone compared the difference between the BAT 30SE and the Sonic Frontiers Line 3? The Line 3 seems like such a deal these days.
Himiguel, could you please describe the sound of Muse 9s I have also JR model 8t and think to add a new front end to my system instead of ML39
Michael:Yes I did compare the VK30se with the VK30 and the VK30se is a lot better. I guess the 6dh30 tubes are ahead of the game. I replaced the stock pc with a powersnakes Cobra and it makes a world of difference.
Himiguel: Curious - did you compare the VK30SE versus the stock VK30? And how much did you gain from switching out the BAT's OEM power cord?
Go for the Bat. I recently got a chance to compare the vk30se with my friend's line 3. I thought the BAT had better speed, precision, transparancy, and a lot more info. The line 3 was richer in the midrange but you sacrifice all the other strong qualities of the BAT. The BAT VK30se is my current reference. Rest of equipment consist of Jeff Rowland model 8t stereo amp, B&W N802 speakers, Muse 9s dvd+CD digital front end, Analysis plus Silver Oval speaker wires + int, Transparent Ultra xlr int from pre to amp, 3 Richard G line conditioners, 1 Quantum Symphony line conditioner, Power Snakes Cobra,Viper, Sidewinder power cords, ASC bass tube traps for room treatment.