Anyone heard the new one yet? Any comments?
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jfrech, I am considering the same options. My dealer is getting the VK52se in stock soon and he is going to let me bring it home for a demo. I will definitely report back.
I heard the REX at our local dealer. First impression, the midrange is better and the the music is very open and transperant compared to the VK51SE. The pace and rhythm seems to be right on. I just enjoyed the music.
I've heard a report that the Rex is absolutely stunning, if you can afford it.
I'm still waiting on a VK-32SE to demo. It was ordered almost two months ago!

Did you see the Postive Feedback review on the VK-52SE? Conmpares it directly to the 51SE...
05-23-08: Jfrech
Did you see the Postive Feedback review on the VK-52SE?

No, and I can't find it on the web. Do you have a link?

I did get a chance to demo the VK-32SE in my home system. I would say it was different from the 31/51SE series that I have owned, but not better, IMHO. It was lusher and sweeter, but not as dynamic or powerful. Which one would prefer would depend on their system/tastes.
I also had the opportunity to hear a VK-52SE at a dealer, and felt the same way. Just my $0.02.
FWIW, I still haven't heard the REX yet though.

Hi John, here's the link:

I heard the rex at my dealer for about 2 hours 3-4 months ago. Stunning is all I can say. Today I listened to the Aesthetix Callisto Eclipise, Nagra PL L and a killer Luxman ss amp.

For the money, the Nagra is a steal IMO. Transparency, see through sound stage, accuracy, but oh my gosh real, no hype type of thing. It's just so little. Not something a man aspires to :) My wife is little, I love that about her. Not sure I want that in my hi fi-plus my cables weigh more than the electronics...

Callisto threw a stage about twice as high and wide as the Nagra, it wasn't warmed up and the source was a Nagra CD player (so expect some synergy).

I still remember that REX...doesn't quite have the transparency of the Nagra, not quite as big of stage as the Aesthetix.

I need to listen to all this more. This is all based on a 2 hour listening session on a system I have heard before. Cables could settle in, preamps warm up, etc and flip things around somewhat...

Honestly, they are all good. I think your comment on tastes/system is 110% on the mark...

I might be better off working on my source not my electronics...
Thanks for the link John. It looks like the Good Doctor was very impressed with the VK-52SE.
It is a great preamp, and as you say, there are a lot of great preamps out there.