ARC 210's w/BAT VK52SE vs ASR Emitter Exclusive II

was starting to think about the $$ involved in replacing all 30 some tubes on my ARC and BAT equipment. I only have about 300 hrs on the tubes so far... I would like some opinions on how you guys think the ASR Emitter Exclusive II blue version may compare to my current equipment. I would also like cooler running gear due to living in Florida and my audio room facing west... I absolutely love how the system sounds at this time and am also concerned about messing up the balance. I tend toward a tube sound with bloom and 3d imaging. My speakers are the Usher BE20's and front end is a Modwright Transporter.
Thanks in advance
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I don't get this post? You have great equipment. The tubes last quite awhile. Yes it'll cost you a little to replace in 2-3 years (maybe amp output tubes soooner) but a retube is less that what you'll loose on trade in/resell.

I'm in Tx. I agree on the cooler running stuff. Just hard to get that same sound you have now.

Unless you're unhappy or just want something differnt, keep what you have!
^^^ what he said.

You have wonderful gear, but judging by your system pics, you're not realizing the potential of your transporter. Roll a pair of 6H30-DR's and a 50's metal-based GZ34 in there and watch your jaw drop. Deal with the heat I say. Hell, I ran big Pass monos in Arizona summers ahwile back. Keep the gear, replace the tubes in the ARC, roll 'em in the MW.
Hi Guys, I really LOVE how my system sounds. I just feel kinda rushed sometimes with the equipment on. Sometime I get pulled away and hate the thought of wasting tube life. I know I'm being silly but didn't get that feeling with SS gear ;0)

Soundqcar: I had a metal base GZ34 Phillips miniwatt - it produced too much bass in my system - the Mullard GZ37 is more balanced for me. I do have the RCA cleartops - much nicer than the stock ones. I may try your idea of the 6H30's.

Thanks for the reality check ;)
I had ASR Em II with battery PS, it was very liquid sounding amp with both extremes extension.
Your Transporter will give the sound a tube edge which could be enough for you to enjoy it very much. Perk is that you don't need a preamp.
Curious that in Europe a pair of ARC210s costs almost the double of an ASR Emitter Exclusive II and sounds accordingly ...
I owned an ASR Exclusive II combo some years ago and it was excellent. But it will not give you a "tube sound with bloom and 3d imaging" nor the texture of the ARCs.
BTW, I never listened to the BAT VK52SE, my comments refer to the ARC reference 3 / reference 110 that I owned.
The ASR was however able to control the bass of a pair of LAT1000s, something the ARC could not!
I am with Jfrech and I also use the same amps as he does, BAT 150SE, which run on the hotter side even for tube amps.

going to SS might save you a few bucks long term, but musical enjoyment will vanish with it. do your math, figure out how much tube replacement cost is per year, cut down your spending from somewhere else to make up to your tube cost. I will rather eat cup noodle for a month than listening to SS gears all year round.

You mentioned the Ref 3 and 110 "that [you] owned." Did you replace them with something else? If so, why? Thanks.
Do the mapleshade heavyhats on your amps make a difference ? Just wondering.
Hi Brian, I didn't really notice a difference. The covers are VERY thin so I just put the weights on. I usually have the covers off so it's easier for the heat to dissipate.

BTW: I heard the ASR last weekend and am VERY happy I didn't trade my 210's for it. Phew, that was a close one ;)