BAT VK-75SE has fat bass & very soft treble

What can be the reason?
The speaker sensitivity is 87db.
check the condition of the tubes? How old are they?
Is that 87db at 2.83mv or 1mv? Subtact 3db if the former. How stable is the impedence curve and how low does it dip?
Tsins, How old is this amp? Are you the original owner? Estimated hours of usage? Was this change in character sudden and dramatic or was long and subtle? Have you recently made any changes in your system? Tom

My speakers are Wilmslow Prestige, I dont have
the accurate specifications. All the tubes are nearly new.
The fat bass & soft treble was from the beginning, when
I connect the BAT. I get an e-mail from the company, that tell me to connect the VK-75SE to speakers with a minimum impedence of 90-91db.
Is that true with most of the 75W/pc tubes amps?

Thank's for the inputs,

Hi Tomer, Did you try the different output taps on the amp? If you're using the 3-4 ohm tap try the 4-6 then the 6-8. The tonal balance will shift up as you use the higher output taps. The VK75se does not lack treble detail or extension, it's one of it's great virtues. The bass could be dependant on many factors from amp speaker interaction to speaker room interaction. Try moving the speaker out from the wall and in a little closer together to help even out the bass response. Also, adjusting the toe-in of speakers will help with the treble and focus of soundstage. Believe me assuming the amp is working properly and can drive your speakers you have one of the best sounding amps available today on the commercial market. You also might want to consider a problem somewhere else in the system. Good luck, I hope it all comes together. Tom
I own this amp. I have to agree with Tom, assuming nothing wrong with the amp, try the different taps. Also, are all 4 led's on in front of the large output tubes?

What's the rest of your system? Might be something upstream. What interconnects? xrl or rca?
Hi Tomer, It just occurred to me that it sounds like you might have hooked up the speaker cables incorrectly to the output taps. I think you could have hooked up one of the speaker cable leads + or - to one of the taps and the the other lead to one of the other two output tap choices. Doing this will give the sonic impression you described, it will make the tonal balance sound all out of wack with no extension or impact in the bass and the treble will sound dull. It will also make the soundstage sound hollow and out of phase. Make sure the speaker cable is hooked up properly with both leads + and - connected to the same tap with both L+R speaker cables. Good luck, Tom