BAT VK-31SE vs Mac C2200

I am currently using the VK-31se with a Mcintosh MC402 power amp. I am generally happy with the results but was wondering if perhaps the C2200 would be a better pairing. There is slightly too much energy in the upper mid-range and treble. My guess in that the C2200 may be more forgiving and musical but BAT pre's have a reputation for have great dynamics, bass slam and detail. Any suggestions are welcome.
I owned the 31SE for a few years, then went to a Cary SLP98F1, still didn't get what I was looking for. I then auditioned the Mac that your are looking at, like the BAT it was just too solid state sounding, to me. Then I brought home a VTL 5.5, it has everything I was looking for, 3 dimensional, with bass slam. very happy with the VTL.
I was considering the C2200 sometime ago (never heard it in my sys.though) but then got a Supratek Chardonnay pre to partner a MC352. Very Nice combination!