Tube Pre C2200 , Rogue M99

I am on the lookout for a good TUBE pre. So far i have heard the Mcintosh C2200 which i liked very much. Another option i'm considering is the Rogue Magnum 99 which has very good reviews. Unfortunately there are no Rogue dealers in my area to have an audition. Is the M99 in the same league as the C2200, given the price is nearly half . Not that i consider price a deciding factor but Stereophile has rated C2200 in class 'A' & the 99 in 'B' which i suspect might be based solely on the price brackets. Has anyone actually compared the two. Greatly appreciate your views.

My sys - Mac MA6900,Linn CDP,TDL Reference studio monitors.


I heard them both but in different systems.... I would pick the McIntosh just because that system sounded gorgeous and it has features galore. That is my penny for you ;)

Thanks for the reply Arthur. I too agree with you on the functionality,looks,build on the C2200. I just love it.
But the M99 costs half the price. Had they both cost the same i would take the Mac in a wink. If we forget the brands & the prices could you please explain how the M99 sounds,in comparison to the C2200.Appreciate your help.

whay kind of amp will you use?
Well, I didn't elaborate on comparisons since I heard them in different systems. I don't have a reference for comparing the preamps directly. Many on this forum compare out of context but I try not to. The 99 was paired with an 88 and Tannoy D700 speakers (I believe) and the sound was lively and "friendly." The McIntosh was paired with a MC352 and Paradigm Reference 100.2 speakers and the sound was silky and just tonally correct to my ears. There was generally better focus and presence than the Rogue/Tannoy setup. Both were good but the McIntosh was better (I heard them about two months apart though...). However, as you said, the Mc is much more expensive than the Rogue. A big plus for the C2200 in your case is that synergy is assured with your 6900. If you have the money, the Mc would be a winner in your system IMO. Arthur
I plan on using a Mcintosh SS poweramp, either the MC252 or MC352.Until i can afford it i will be using the amp section of the MA6900 integrated.
the 2200 is all the pre you'll ever need. it it dramatically better than even the c22 mac which is a classic. the 2200 would also be a perfect match for either of the mac amps mentioned. you will find they are detailed, yet remain natural. the 2200 also operates more quietly than any tube pre i've ever listened to.
You can't make a judgment on a preamp's sonics based on listening to each in two totally different systems. I don't know which is better; however, I did speak to someone who owned both, and preferred the Rogue in the end for being more musical & realistic in the midrange.

My suggestion: buy a R99 here on Audiogon, try it, compare it to the C2200. If you like the Mac better, wait for one to go up for sale, sell the Rogue for what you paid for it, and buy the Mac. Then let us know your decision.