Bat VK-300se vs. Luxman 509u

I currently own a Bat VK-300se and like the unit very much. I have been toying with moving up the audio chain and would still like to stay with an integrated amp. Other equipment in my system are Meadowlark Blue Herons and for a source I have a Tri vista 21Dac and the Sony 5400ES.
In your opinion would the move from Bat to the Luxman be a sideways move or a move up?
Other amps I have been considering are the Luxman 590Aii or one or the top end Accuphase integrated units.

Luxman would be a nice upgrade provided speakers are reasonably efficient.

I had the 590 and previously had bat51se along with pass amp.

Thanks for the response. The Blue Herons are 90db and 4 ohm speakers so not super hard to drive.
Why are you staying with an integrated? Have you considered getting separate BAT pre and BAT amps? Or get a BAT pre and add to another solid state, like Pass or a Luxman? It really depends on whether you want the next evolution, or a whole other type of sound.

If you really have it down to 2 integrated units, can you do a home demo? Even with shipping and a restock fee, it may be worth it.

I actually have been considering separates. At the price point of the 509u or the 590Aii I could get some nice units. I guess the main reason I like integrated units is that the manufacture has complete control to ensure that both the pre and amp stages are optimized to work together. Also get cable clutter and cabling costs.

BTW how do you like the Rex?


Eric, The BAT preamp is quiet, natural, dynamic, and refined without the smear, syrup, and truncation of the top or bottom. It puts everything in its proper place.

I think separates could be very satisfying, particularly a BAT pre with your choice of tube or SS amp.