BAT 300i

BAT has come out with a new integrated, the 300i. Any comments on this or on BAT amps in general. I have a friend who raves about them, but have not had the chance to audition one. I have Audio Physic Virgos and need a better amp. thanks.....
Veery nicestuff but that amp is pricey.You can get a used VK3 pre for $1250 and a fantastic BAT 60 wpc tube(fine in mist sized rooms for your speakers) or a 100 awtt SS amp both for less than $2K.But that intergated will cost $4K.Phono section $500 more.And to do it up right $500 for regular tubes and $1000 for SET 6H30 "Super Tubes".Yea it'd be sweet.Nice warm line stage combined with the bass control of 150 wpc.But when I see a $4K VAC Avatar up here on Audiogon I'd say that with some NOS tubes would be the smart money.Or a seperate tube/pre combo used from BAT
I listened to the 300i for a while and it does sound terrific, the best integrated I've heard. If I was leaning towards an integrated the 300i would certainly be on my list (the Magnum Dynalab intrigues me as well). As for the relative value...for roughly the same price (used) my VK30/VK500 combo beats the 300i hands down.
With all due respect you guys are comparing list price of the new unit that comes with (non-transferable) warranty and dealers support to used market prices that are less than half of the list for BAT gear. If you compare it to list prices of new BAT gear, the pricing of this unit does make sense.
It’s up to you if you want to take chances with used gear.
If you are shopping for a new integrated in this price range get one for the home audition.
This integrated should work very well with Virgos.
BTW, I've heard them with 30Se/VK60 - great combination.
True enough.But I forgot to mention th eremote is extra $500.Bat is tremendous gear fairly priced for how well it made/good it sounds.But given that you lose flexibility and you aren't going to find it (the intergrated) used my suggestion may make more sense.There are somer very good deals here.Then again I renctly has an offer by a dealer to sell me a $4500 list BAT 30SE for $3200.Preyy go deal.But my guess is these are hot off the presses and that kind of deall won't be so readily availible.Fully blow $6K is a lot for a Intergrated anybody would have to admit.Unless they have only been looking at something like Accuphase