Basis 2200 Bass Rocks

A cautionary tale for those of us who are relatively new to high quality turntables. DON'T PANICK! It may take a few days to dial in and work out fine details that effect your sound. If you buy from a great company like Basis they will be there to help you figure it out and if you reach out to the awesome Agon community, intelligent, understanding and experienced audiophiles will emerge to calm you down, wise you up and guide you to audio nirvana.
LOL! I'm glad that you are enjoying your new Basis 2200 turntable. After the initial shock of "where did the bass go?" then you start to realize "where did all of the other noise go?" to. Basis are very quiet turntables with extremely black backgrounds that are stunning, and allow you to listen into much more of the recording. Enjoy!!
Jmc, Thanks very much for all your advice and input.