Banana to barrier strip / Suggestions / Adaptors?

Hello everyone.
I swap amps around every so often and so far its been no problem, except that I recently acquired a very old ARC amp that has only binding posts (a barrier strip with screws for 4/8/16 ohms), no holes for banana connectors and no way to connect such connectors. I am using Nordost biwire shotgun cables with Z plugs (banana) on the amp end so cannot pull an easy disconnect/ connect when I want to hook up the ARC.

So I have been looking for some banana to spade adaptors, but cannot find any. Have looked at prior threads which suggested that WBT and Cardas may have some. Checked out both web sites- nothing. Tara labs site indicates some type of adaptor but its vague as hell and nothing is pictured.

Anyone know where I can get such an adaptor, or have another recommendation - (fyi I do not want to reterminate the existing cables or get new cables).
search for "45-282G"

A friend of mine had the same dilemma.
I have CJ 5 monos;I had the same problem till they were upgraded.----I also have an Eagle 4. I doubt there is a spaded connection that fits it. Thank god it do have banana terminals.--I guess the spades of the 80's were tiny--?