Power strip recommendation.

I have had the PS Audio PPP in my system for sometime now with absolutely no noticeable sonic improvements. I just had 2 20amp outlets wired directly into the panel with 10awg gauge wire with i must say better and satisfying sonic results. Much reduced noise floor. As far as i can see/hear, the power entering my home is already very stable and "clean".

Long story short, i will remove the PPP but would still need a hight quality power strip or perhaps a passive device like Audience but i am skeptical that such passive devices would reap any sonic benefits either. I am looking for the BEST return/value for money and i believe that the power strip option is the way to go. My equipment is all ARC Reference.

Suggestions welcomed.
I have noticed no improvement in sound using power strips .
If you only need six outlets or less, try the Cryo-Parts strip. I have one and it's well made and does not limit current like some devices do. I replaced a PS Audio Quintet conditioner with the Cryo-Parts and did notice increased micro-dynamics in some recordings and improved sound stage definition in some. Here is the link:http://www.cryo-parts.com/index.php/audio-grade-power-strips/cryoparts

If I had such nice gear as you, I would look at one of the APC battery back up devices (S10 or S15 only). They are not power strips per se, but they will ensure that nasty surges will not harm amps, etc. I recently got the S10 for $250(a steal) for my tube amps. It is way cool, has no negative effect on sound, and means I don't live in mortal fear that a summer storm or ice on the lines will damage anything, etc.
I recently got the APC H15 and have been very happy. I can't say I've heard much, if any, difference in sound quality from my SACD player, but maybe a small improvement. Certainly nothing negative. Maybe the placebo force is not strong with you?
You might consider something like the APC P8V that retails for under $100 and has eight outlets. APC is a trusted company when it comes to power protection.
Might I suggest a Synergistic Research Powercell 4 Powerstrip. They are relatively new but are based off of the Powercell 10SE technology which one 2009 awards best. I would suggest the 10SE to anyone...

Regards Bacardi
The BPT Pure Power should satisfy your needs.
Is your need for a power strip to get more outlets or do you need filtering or surge protection? Either way, any device you use will have a "sound," at least that's been my experience. As with everything power related, you need to try a variety of things in your system and see what works best for you. There are several lustsworthy hunks of metal power strips out there (Oyaide, Furutech, Acoustic Revive) but I have no idea if they sound any good.
Make your own. Get two double boxes for in wall at a builder's square type store. Some of them look pretty good (Gray plastic) then get decent outlets (your call on better than $3, or cryo'ed $35 or $$$$) the stick the wiring for them together with a couple of cords to wall, maybe even more if you need them.
This is what I would do if I wanted some outlets.
I have done this.
Power conditioning strips
are well worth trying.
I have used the "Double Helix Mk2 Power Conditioning Strip with Plus Upgrade."
Despite the complicated sounding title for this product, it makes my components sound better that are not on a dedicated line, although the website feedback section has other satisfied users who do have dedicated lines.
You can check with customer service about return privilege if not favorably impressed in your own listening room.
The Wiremold strip is what I use now, is inexpensive and does not seem to limit current.
I'm happy with my Furutech TP80e. Mine is a 15 amp version.
Try Synergistic Research QLS-6 with SR T-2 power cord.