Back in the states, time to rebuild - need advice

Hey guys long time lurker here, I recently returned from working over seas for 3 years and I'm about to settle into a new place hopefully before Xmas.

Before i left i sold everything except my front speakers and my Rotel 5 channel Amp. I figured when i returned i would rebuild my HT/Stereo system, well I'm back and would like to ask for some advice on getting my system up and running again.

A little about what i do have,

Paradigm 100 v2 fronts,
HSU STF-3 12" Sub
infinity Rears (quads)
Rotel 200Wx5 Amp
NO home yet, lol

I'm not sure if i want to go separates or not. I was hoping to get some advice from all of you or at least your opinions...

I know i will be using my setup for HT/Music, I will be purchasing a 42-50" LCD or something similar. I will want enough inputs on the system to be able to plug in a Media PC, Game console(s) (HD) Sat/Tivo (HD) DVD(HD?) and others. I'm not sure if i want to run the video through the system then to the TV, not sure of the quality loss, I realize some of the video options will be dependent on the TV that i settle on (still researching). I have settled on a new center Paradigm Studio CC-570, thats about all i have settled on..

Right now Iam looking to just drive the speakers, and need advice on something to get me started so at the very least i can enjoy my music and maybe basic HT. My Budget for this part is $1200, leaning toward Rotel. like i said i want something that i can expand, hence maybe separates for now is the way to go?

Thanks in advance guys!

With all thge inputs you'll need it sounds like a (barely) used Denon or Yamaha might be the way to go.

You'll get reasonably current soft and hardware, and a preamp that you can build on later if need be.
Add Paradigm speakers for the rear. Go for Rotel processor or consider Anthem processor and amplification down the road.
Spearit Sound has a few rotel's at a very good price.
You will be very disapointed if you go the receiver route rather than seperates. There is no comparision in either 2 channel or HT.
Concentrate on getting the home first ;o)

I pretty much agree with many of the posters. It seems like you have the bulk of your system already.

so... one more vote for a matching rotel pre/pro & paradigm rears...and tie yourself over with a budget combi player for the time being.

just my 2c fwiw
Thanks Guys appreciate the feedback, i have been leaning toward the rotel solution and i think i will go ahead and continue to lean that way and go with separates. I might as Ellery mentioned and tie myself over with a cheaper DVD/CD solution until I can sink some more into my system as iam looking at TV's right now as well. sigh

Thanks for the recommendations.
get the Oppo DVD for now, its cheap and getting good press.
So another update cause i know you are all on the edge of your seats about what I decided on... lol

Anyway.. i found a Rotel RSX-1057 for $1100 from a local shop and went ahead and purchased it, and will be picking up the OPPO DV-981HD in a week or so, still trying to decided on a Tv, i believe iam going to go with a LCD.. but we will see. anyway thanks again and if you have any more advice let me know! Thanks
yet another update... just because, so i purchased a television... my older one just wouldn't turn on, no idea why.. its in the shop but hey i have gotten almost 10 years out of it and if it can be repaired cheaply then i have a tv for my bedroom... if not.. adios...

I walked into CC on the 23rd here in Denver and after much debate i settled on a 50" Samsung DLP 1080p set (HL-S5087W) In the end it was between the Samsung 1080p 46" LCD and a DLP set, i went with the DLp for a number of reasons most of all the price $1100 + tax out the door... not bad. i heard allot of good things about this set if you can live with the few bad things if they show their ugly head (rainbow, color wheel etc. etc...) but hey i know this isn't the video forum so i will leave it at that.. so far iam happy and my system and it's shaping up nicely... as far as a DVD player, i just ordered the Oppo dv981hd, and will be picking up a new mac mini with a 750 drive to top it out for now. Still looking for Paradigms rears and i need to replace my center with a Paradigm as well.

Thats all for now thanks!
Regarding running the vid signal throught the receiver or direct to the TV. Don't do it, go direct to the TV whenever you can. With a limited budget on the processor, what do you give up to get the upconversion? Sound quality? Quality of other components? Something! Plus why step on the signal.

On the TV side, that is an easy one. If you don't need the absolute, ultimate, highest end TV, go to Costco and buy a good Panasonic (Plasma is my recommendation). It comes with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee!!!!!! No extended warranty to buy, pricing is pretty competitive. If anything ever, ever, ever (did I stress ever) goes wrong with the TV, take it back along with the receipt (of photocopy) and get 100% of your money back.

I just bought a Philips 50" (factory refurb with 90 day warranty) at what I thought was a great price ($1,400 delivered). It died in 8 days and they reported it would take 6 weeks to be repaired by the local Philips authorized repair shop. I convinced them to take it back, which they did and even paid the return shipping. That day I went to Costs (1 hour drive) and bought the Panasonic and have no worries.

Do not buy a TV until you at least look to see what you closest Costco has available. They won't carry the ultimate in highest end TVs at $6,000 - $10,000, but if you are like me, a good HD TV is nice and really won't notice any real difference.

BOL on the house hunt