B&W Nautilus 805 Stand Advice

Setting up my 805's on OEM stands, should I add Sand only, Lead Shot only, Sand and Lead Shot mixed or better yet nothing at all?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

You'll probably get a lot of different responses. Some technical, and others based solely on experience. I've used lead shot, but have had a lot of interest in trying sand with lead shot, as the sand should fill in the spaces left by the shot.

If you decide to go with sand, make sure it doesn't have any moisture in it.
lead shot and copper tip toes...

How do you like the 805N? I own old 802 & am trying to decide to upgrade to new 802N or 805 + sub.
Have auditioned 805N & 805S seperately & hard to justify difference. Can they handle high SPL without listener fatigue? Own KEF 107.2 as well & just auditioned Sonus Cremona and Sonus AUditor as well.
Thanks for any help.