B&W Nautilus 802 Midrange Housing Scratches

I've recently upgraded my Nautilus 804's with a pair of pre-owned Nautilus 802's that have some wear and I'd like to bring them back to life. I spoke with the B&W service supervisor Eric McBride who suggested I use automobile polish (wax) on the midrange housing. Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments? Perhaps a preferred brand of wax? My speakers also have a few rub marks on the side of the cabinets. They're black ash. Has anyone dealt with such things on these before or have any advice on restoring them to their original beauty? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the suggestion Elizabeth. I'll give it a try.
So I thought I'd follow up for those interested in products to use. Meguiars Scratch-X worked awesome on the midrange assemblies. I also found that Briwax Ebony worked miracles on the wood cabinets (of course this is for black ash units). You can barely see any of the old scratches and they shine like new. Just be sure to get some good quality microfiber cloth for buffing after you've applied the wax.