Lip balm for CD scratches?

I was browsing through my wifes First magazine (bathroom reading of course) and came across a page extolling the many uses of lip balm, with one of them being for filling in scratches on CD's and then lightly buffing afterwards. Anyone ever try this? It certainly sounds easy and cheap enough.
You try it then post back with the results.
I don't have any KISS or Flaming Lips CDs.
I've also thought about spraying on polyurethane. Polyurethane probably has a similar index of refraction as the polycarbonate discs, and as it dries, the surface tension will probably cause it to fill in minor scratches and dry with a relatively smooth surface, which can be buffed or polished with fine steel wool, if necessary. Any thoughts on this ?
I'm going to try the lip balm in a little while and report back, you try the polyurethane.
Oh for heaven's sakes, just buy another CD or use EAC to extract the bits and burn your own...

I was just curious to see if this off the cuff tip about lip balm actually worked. I did apply some to a previously unlistenable track and while it didn't fill in the entire scratch it is much better now. I noticed the first ingredient in the lip balm was microcrystalline so I applied some Renaissance microcrystalline wax/ polish and it improved it some more but didn't eliminate it altogether, It does look like a pretty deep scratch though.
I suspect this remedy will work fairly well on minor scratches and plan on experimenting further
Thanks! for sharing Metman. Did you use a linen cloth or microcloth for the buffing?
I've found that just using some liquid soap and water, then gently drying them with a towel works well. I'd be concerned about lip balm leaving buildup on the cd players laser. I know the laser doesn't touch the cd, but why risk ruining your player?