How to remove scratches from lidcover turntable

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I own a beautiful EMT 950 which has been used in a BBC studio. This environment has left its marks in the form of some scratches (some are deep, 0.5 mm other shallow). Is there a proven method or company which can restore the lid in its original shape/outlook?

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NOVUS makes a scratch polish for acrylic. There are 3 different polishes. One for deep scratches, medium and fine polish. I would try it on a small spot before going over the entire cover. For a deep scratch you may end up having to use all 3 polishes for best results. Be certain to use a very soft cloth so that you don't add swirl marks.
I second the Novus. Takes some time, but can really work wonders. Good luck, Dave
IIWY, I would take out the superficial scratches first and see how it looks. If the deeper ones still catch your eye, then you can always go further.

I'm not familiar with the Novus product but the description reads well. I have used Blue Magic Plastic & Plexiglass Cleaner on jewel cases, cds and other acylic surfaces with much success.

For a soft cloth use Kleenex Viva paper towels. They are soooo good I use them on cds too. Just be careful in how much pressure you apply until you get the hang of it.
Mrderrick and Dopogue or correct on using Novus. Novus # 3 is for deep scratches and sometimes not worth the effort. I would go with Novus # 2 and see where it takes you. .5mm is approx. .020 deep ? Number 2 will do that. Novus #1 is a cleaner and helps eliminate static. Does not remove scratches.
Check Dedicated Audio as he stocks both Novus # 1 and Novus #2
Does Novus also work for CDs and DVDs?

Why would this be a different question?

What about car wax, Brasso and all the usual answers for digital media?
I've ordered the Novus kit. Many thanks for sharing the experience!


I've recieved the Novus kit. Works very well, good results!
Thanks again for sharing the experience!