b&w n vs d money better spent on amp?

I'm sorry if this has been covered. I've seen an number of topics regarding the sonic difference of the nautilus/dimond version of B&W 802. My question is, would the "system" be better served by spending the difference between these two speakers on the front end. ie monoblock amps and room correction preamp?

If you stay with the N series and spend the saved money on better amps, then you will wish you had the diamond series. It's a catch 22.
I replaced the plastic phase plugs in my 805Ns with solid copper ones, which brightened the sound and evened the amplitudes over the dynamic range. With the Cu plugs I find the 805N to be superior to the newer 805S, which I compared intensely back-to-back over 3 hrs in a listening room.

Perhaps you can find some simple, inexpensive tweaks like this for your 802Ns that will bring them closer to the qualities you like in the 802D.