B&W Concept 90 CM2 bass module needs new crossover or replacement - thoughts?

Hi Folks, first post on this forum!

I have a pair of B&W Concept 90 CM1/2 speakers which I really like. However the crossover on one of the bass units burned out (don't know why), and I have subsequently been running the smaller bookshelf CM1s separately with a small Energy subwoofer (I know I could do better there, but it seems to provide a decent low end. I'd like to repair or replace the crossover in the CM2 that went out, or possibly just find another CM2 bass unit.  Would I be better off just using the subwoofer, or upgrading it? I really like the clear spacious sound of the CM1s and the way the concept 90s look and sound.


Have you contacted B&W?  

I have a pair of the same speakers.  Fortunately mine are working fine.  These speakers are hi tech even by today’s standards.  IMO definitely worth repairing.
I did, they provided me with technical specs (including schematic of the crossover). Did not have the replacement ....
Any stray CM2 modules out there?   :)
Have you removed the crossover network from the speaker?  If so, take a photo.  You can contact members bigkidz or grannyring as they have posted regarding speaker crossover mods and electronic repair.  Perhaps one of them can assist you with repair.
Many thanks.  I have pics of the crossover, but have not removed it from the speaker.  I will reach out to bigkidz and grannyring as yoiu suggest. Would love to get these to 100%!  Right now I'm running with separate subwoofers, but I believe they would perform better as designed.