B&W compatibility N802's and HTM-2?

Heard that HTM2 center speaker is not compatible with N802's. Something about being out of phase. Would appreciate comments re compatibility.
Well I've got N803s and HTM2. Works just fine. My guess is that it's more marketting - If you drop $5k on the 803s/$8k on 802s you can be expected to drop another $2k on the HTM1 and not go cheap and get the HTM2. I went cheap. They're the same drivers. Yes, notionally, the HTM2 is an N805 on its side but so what ? Phase compatibility ? Rubbish.
I have the HTM1 and it is great with the 802's. haven't heard anything negative regarding the 2, what do your ears tell you when you listen to the combo?
The only issue I have had with my HTM-2 is that it took what seemed like *forever* to break in. I have the HTM-2 mated with (4) N805s and due to the lack of use, it took over 3 years to break in the center channel and sound anythig like the R/L N805. After driving Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and Eminem's "The Eminem Show" through all 5 channels for 7 days straight (yup...wife was out of town) on top of the 3 years or ownership the HTM-2 *finally* began to sound good.

If I were you, I'd ask myself if you *really* need a center channel or if you think you need one because that's what an HT setup is supposed to have. With proper synergy, the N802s can really define a soundstage, and unless your screen is exceptionally large and you choose to sit way outside the sweet-spot, a center channel may not be necessary.

As always, just my opinion.