Someone said Krell sounds to bright with a pair of 802's. Any thoughts on which will sound better with this amp and a FRC 3.
I own the N802s, and they have very precise Highs, Mids and Lows: it's the amp that is bright.

The Studios are excellent speakers, although the efficiency on them will consume much of what the Krell has to offer: you'll lose on some of the dynamic range. Also, the Studios don't have the bass extension of the N802s (for this, you'd have to go to the Salons).

Studios are precise, as well: simply a differnt approach than B&W (Tappered Tube). My recommendation is the N802s, but I'm a very happy with them after two years.
I'm running my Studios with a Pass Labs Aleph 4 amp (100w/ch) and they constantly amaze me at how natural they sound. Revel claims the Studios are very neutral.
I am using Krell FBP600C to drive my B&W802N....I love the way it sounds. Very very natural sounding. The soundstage after the amp is really warmed-up is just out-of-this-world. I've never heard the Revel stuff. I am sure they are very good sounding. For now, B&W and Krell will do for me..