B&O Beovox M70's - Any experience?

Hi - just wondered what your opinion is on the B&O Beovox M70 monitors?

My friend has a beautiful restored set of M70's and they sound absolutely amazing... I cannot find any problem with these monitors sound reproduction capabilities! What do you say?

Just amazed...by 32 year old monitors...
Dewald Visser
We sold the entire B&O line back in the late 70s and early 80s. IMHO, they were "ok" speakers, but no match for the KEFs, Spendors, or ADSs of that period. They do have nice cabinets and are well-built, however...

Got a set on loan for a while - I'm in heaven!

Call me crazy but these 30 year-old speakers rock my world! Don;t get me wrong - I've listened to some of the best speakers in the world and these do their job very well - extremely well I would say. And they work just fine with my QUAD II tube amps.

I do know the M100, the bigger brother. Great, but with a few simple tweaks it gets better. I'm not a big believer, but change the bellwire inside. And update the filtercomponents, especially the capacitors, which, after 30 years, might not be performing as they should be. Here's a link about the upgrade of the M100:


Unfortunately in Dutch, but the pic's might speak for itselfs.
Geen probleem jong - ik praten Nederlands!

Wat een leuke blad! De jong heeft de M100's heel ge-superfi! Wow. Dezes stel wat ik nu naar luister zijn mijn vrindje sin. Ik sal aan hem de opgraderings voorstellen.

Die is prima monitors - ek zijn 'jelous' oop hem. Zoek self naar een stel.

C'est la vie!

Zuid-Afrika? Die 100's zijn nogal zeldzaam, maar de 70 schijnt niet mis te zijn. Succes!
Ja - ik bent hier in Zuid-Afrika!
We klomp zijn een gekke spul 'audiophiles' hier op die onderpunt van Afrika.

De M70's heeft niet een PCB filter netwerk maar eerder een hout-plankie waar erop de komponenten met gom gehegt is. Alles zjin ge-hardwire. Ik verkies dat boven PCB - veel meer stroom te dragen.

Deze Beovox speakers gebruikt deselfde dome mid soals de ATC monitors (a la ITT van Duitsland)

Heerlik ermee te praten jong - so in Nederlands op AudiogoN - hun gaan we wegjagen! Ha-ha...

Groete - en praaten weer later,
Dewald Visser
In die B&O's worden Vifa en Seas-units gebruikt. Da's goed spul!
Enne.... als we als die mensen hier moeten wegjagen zijn we nog wel even bezig! :)
Back to English...

Yes, the B&O's uses high-quality SEAS drivers with the 'Phase-link' being a ITT unit. This 3.5" dome mid driver is also used by ATC. It has a very wide dispersion.

But I did some research and the most impressive, passif, speaker that B&O ever did build is the MS150. This is quite a monster. 12" bass-driver and a few other impressive drivers in one huge box. I want such a set. Then I'll be happy. :-)

Why would one try to pump a 16" bass drum through a 6.5" woofer? That does'nt make any sense...