B&K ST-140 - early lower watt version vs. 105 watt

Can anyone tell me if the earlier version (I think 70 watts) is generally considered better or worse than the later 105 watt version?

I had an EX140, which was a dual mono-version of the ST140. When I bought it I'd compared it in the store to the ST and found it to be marginally better. I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for.

Most people believe the 70 watt version was better.
Thanks, that's what I was interested in.
Get the ones with the "blue and red printed faceplate"...the rest were so weak that they could not even handle a 4 ohm load (junk)...better power supply always sounds best.

I had both versions several years ago and definately preferred the 105 watt version over the original 70 watt version.