AZ vs VD speaker cables & ics

Anyone compare Acoustic Zen and Virtual Dynamics speaker cables and/or interconnects? Specifically AZ Satori w/jumpers or HologramII bi-wires with Virtual dynamics Reference bi-wires. Also, AZ Matrix Reference ics with VD Reference ics? And Kimber Select 10 series ics with either AZ or VD? I am currently using AZ Matrix ref ics and they seem a tad warm/heavy. I tried VD Auditions and they were a little cooler/quicker, but maybe too far. The VDs were very clean/clear, but the AZs have more "soul", robust vocals. Looking for something in between. I am using VD power cables with excellent results. This leads me to want to try their speaker cables, but have not as of yet.
I don't have experience with the VD interconnects or speaker cables, but if you are looking for something with soul and speed, transaparncy etc... do check out Argent cables made by Ric Cummings of Argent Room Lens fame. His cables are the best I have tried, hand made to order, and he has an excellent audition policy, so there is no risk to try his products. He is at
If you're using the original AZ Matrix interconnects you might try the latest version -- much quicker and less heavy sounding than the original while retaining the soul of the music.