Ayre models in black

I've asked two different dealers and got two different answers. I've e-mailed Ayre and got no reponse. There is no information on their web site,I've phoned Ayre and no one answers, this one yes or no question.
"Can ALL Ayre products be ordered in BLACK?" I think the C5xe can be. But I'm trying to decide between between the V7xe/C5xe OR C7xe/K5xe/V5xe, but due to WAF everything must match,and be in black. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.
Please call Ayre at 303-442-7300 x233. Please leave a voice message and they should call you back.
You might ask Audiogon member Theo. He has been to the Ayre factory a few times. He has a CD player in black. He will probably know.
Yes. You can order all Ayre products in Black. My K3 and C5xe were ordered in black. Expect to pay a $250 premium for limited stock items.
Thanks so much everybody!
Hgeifman: I've called that number at least 50 times with no answer, then the next time it's busy.
Mofimadness: thanks for the tip.
Tjmski:Any pictures?
One more question while I'm at it: My stand is 18" wide and the V5e is 18" wide. I noticed there is a "rack mounted" unit on the web site that's 17.5" or so but no pictures. Has anyone seen one? Does it look the same as the normal one?
I believe they are available as an option in black.
(I bought my K-1X used, and the owner had the same problem and bought a second faceplate in black, and replaced the silver front face.) He said it was a $250 replacement cost.
It might be possible to order it in black, to avoid the additional charge.

If you are having trouble contacting Ayre, email me, and I will give you a email address to them, that might cut through some of the red tape.

Good luck!
Thanks Kurt_tank!
after checking web/dealer sites etc.It seems the 5 & 1 series can be ordered in black but I've seen no indication of the 7 series ( v7ex&C7ex) that can be orered in black. The address I used was info@ayre.com (I think).
At extra cost all Ayre is available in black. I mentioned to one of the reps there in recent visit that they need to put some pictures on their website. As mentioned above leave a message and they'll get back to you, they always have with me. They are great people building great products. All I can say is the black is beautifull and worth the extra cost. Side note:This response provided at the request of MR.Dahlquist himself!
Thanks Theo and everyone else!
It seems like dealer # 2 was right and will deal with him.
Anyone else for the 2nd question as of 17.5" versus 18" width for the V5ex?
As to leaving a message from their "web contact info"...the 1st time asked for info someone did phone me and left a message to phone. I did, but did not get through. I again e-mailed and used my cell phone # as contact, but as yet no one has replied( 2 weeks ago).
Sparkyy raises several different questions:

1) We do not publish an e-mail address as it is a very inefficient way to communicate. Please call instead.

2) I'm a bit puzzled that you called "at least 50 times with no answer". Michael Wiedmaier is our Customer Service Manager and (as noted) can be reached at 303-442-7300 x223. Steve Silberman is our National Sales Manager and is at x233. You should either get a voice mailbox or a real person and not "no answer". If you get voice mail, you should get a callback within an hour or two (worst case, if someone is at lunch).

3) All Ayre products are available in black for an additional charge of $250, EXCEPT the 7-series products. These are only available in the standard silver/black two-tone combination.

4) The V-5xe and V-6xe were originally made 18" wide. This is difficult to fit into racks, so they have been changed to 17-1/4" wide. There was an interim period of changeover, but I believe that all V-5xe's and V-6xe's currently shipping are the narrower width. Please call if you need further clarification.

Hope this helps,
Charles Hansen
Ayre Acoustics, Inc.
Hi, Glad to see that Charles popped in to answer your question correctly. If Ayre does not have any pictures for you, I will take one for you. I am sure that they would have done a better job than I could. However, if pictures from Ayre are not available, then send me an email at tjmski at comcast dot net and I will take a couple of pictures of the front of them for you. ...Tim