Ayre balanced interconnects

Has anyone got experience with Ayre balanced interconnects ?
They are the same as Cardas Golden Reference. You can look through and do a search. Ayre sources these and the Ayre Myrtle Wood blocks from Cardas.
Bigtee: thanks you are always very helpfull.
They are similar, and are made by Cardas but to Ayre's specifications. But they are not the same as the Cardas GR.

Which one sounds better - Cardas Golden Reference or Ayre Signature Series ?
Used them both and they sound identical. If they are not GR, then they are the closest thing around!
The Ayre Signature Series use the same Cardas conductors and air tubes but a different dielectric and orientation. According to Ayre, their interconnects sound a little more extended at the frequency extremes and match their equipment better, though you can't go wrong with Cardas GR. Before the Ayre interconnect, they recommended using Cardas products exclusively.

Actually, I used the Ayre interconnect and found them very similar to Cardas of which I am not a fan. I have tried many cables and the best of the best are the Audioquest silver (rediculously expensive) and the Anti-Cables (rediculously cheap). I know that sounds wierd, but these 2 cables sound very, very similar - open, extended, dynamic, grain free, etc. Cardas has a closed in grainy sound that doesn't appeal to me.
my experience mirrors brusso17@comcast.net.
what surprises me is that Ayre uses the same Cardas wire as interconnect in their products (unless I'm mistaken? someone correct me if I am) & Ayre products sound anything but closed-in & grainy!
can´t support your opinion. I use Cardas GR and they sound excellent with my gear (beside I use Acoustic Zen, Shunyata and Stealth Indra).
I'm sure glad some of you are happy with your Ayre Cables. I am positive of what I hear on my system, and Audioquest Silver or Anti-Cables kill the Cardas or Ayre stuff. Ayre sounds almost identical but a little flatter - less tube-like than Cardas. Ayre uses Cardas hookup wire, etc, but that stuff is way different than speaker or interconnect. I clearly hear lots of grain, and smaller picture, etc. with the Cardas/Ayre cables. You pay your money and get what you want.
Ayre uses double gauge of Cardas GR and sounds at least in my system better than Cardas Golden Reference - although I use the GR.
Saying a cable kills another is quite difficult as I´ve experienced quite cheap cables performing superb in one system and failing in another. Same with very expensive cables. The only exceptions I know of is the Stealth Indra, the Transparent Opus, and the taralabs Zero and Omega.
Anti-Cables are soooo cheap and returnable if not satisfied, it would be a shame not to try them. I know what I'm talking about
I tested an Ayre XLR in my Ayre system and found it quite boring (good and open mids, but highs a bit grainy and base a bit dull). My favourite Cardas is still the Golden Cross, which I even prefer over the Golden Reference. The GC is a bit more colorating then the other 2 but to me it has a better flow and is simply more musical.
If I have to choose for a neutral cable I would prefer other brands. Of course it's a matter of taste.
I'd second what Frankpiet said about the importance of system context. From my limited experience, I'd say that cable strengths/weaknesses are really system-dependent. I use a bunch of Ayre gear w/ Thiel 2.3's in an acoustically live room (under-damped); previously Cardas Golden Cross reduced some of the brightness/thinness I heard. Ayre folks have told me that the Ayre i-c's are more or less in between typical Cardas and Audioquest cables in their balance.

Since adding an Ayre L5xe power filter to my system, and transfering most of my gear from a generic wooden rack to a Solid Tech Rack of Silence (both excellent additions), the Ayre cable now sounds just right- but I've heard the Audioquest Cheetahs (which I also have, but are currently a bit thin in the mid's for my system) used in systems w/ Vandersteen 5A speakers, and my sense is that they might work best w/ Ayre gear and Vandersteens.
I had all Audioquest cables in my Ayre system. Then tried the Cardas GR and then the GC cables. I didnt care for either of them in my system (veiled, slow, forward and just not what I was looking for) and have now gone back to all Audioquest cables.(Panthers, Cheetahs, and Mont Blanc Speaker cable) The audioquests really seem to open everything up and offer an excellent soundstage. I doubt I will venture farther than up the AQ line any time soon.