Ayre AX-7e or Edge G3?

Has anyone listened to both of these integrateds? If so, how would you compare their sonic signatures? They both get rave reviews. Thanks.
While I have not heard the AX-7e the Edge G3 is the best solid state integrated I have had in my system. I wrote a review of the Mystere ia21 integrated where I also wrote a brief review of the G3. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/frr.pl?ramps&1229402153&read&3&zzlArch2&&

Very open and spacious sounding. As a side note I used the Ayre CX-7e CD player with the G3 again with great results.

Thanks for your response. I actually read your review and thought it very helpful and enlightening. However didn't you say that after a while you found yourself listening less and less with the G3 in your system?

I've been down that road myself, and it's usually a sign that the system is not emotionally involving enough to keep us sufficiently interested. Nothing worse than not listening.

I'm looking for an integrated that while having the major strengths of good soundstaging, focus, detail etc, also has an organic sound that draws you in. I've heard Naim products described this way, and am seriously considering either a Nait 5i-2 or the new XS. It's just that after reading both your review and John Brazier's on Positive Feedback, the Edge seemed like a good candidate.

Thanks again for your comments and help.
Good comments. For me, and that's really what you need to keep in mind because my wants in the way of sound are going to be different than others, is not so much an issue with the G3 being sterile but an issue with solid state versus tubes. The few tubed components I have owned I have made a better connection with the music than with solid state even though solid state really is superior in a number of ways (bass response and focus are two that come to mind).

As I mentioned my goal in sound quality was the fast, open and tight sound and I will still 100% back up the statement that the G3 is the best solid state component I have had in my system (and that includes a pretty long list of separates as well). In fact, it came closest to having the palpable images that I refer to and now find so important in the sound. It's just tubes do that better for me in the price range of the components I can afford. To be perfectly honest if I found a component sterile it would be the Rowland I mentioned but I don't mean to slam it as a product because it too had some nice qualities.

Something else to keep in mind with my comments is the price range of products I'm talking about and the fact that I have pretty efficient and revealing speakers with limited bass response.

I have no familiarity with the Naim products but back to your original comparison there are many on this site that have had really positive comments about the Ayre AX-7e also. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Thanks for the clarification. Like you, I've had tubes in my previous system, which consisted of VTL MB-125's using EL-34's. Pretty special sounding in the midrange.

My upstream components were pretty special too, with the 3-piece dCS digital front end and Basis Debut Gold turntable. Speakers were GR Research Alpha LS's, which were great-sounding 6' line arrays.

Due to a downsizing of our house and losing my dedicated room, I'm now using an Integra receiver with Audyssey EQ, as I use the system for both HT & 2-ch, and smallish Guru Pro Audio GM-10 bookshelf speakers. My 2-ch source is a Squeezebox 3.

I've recently added an MHDT Havana dac, which uses a single Western Electric 396A tube, in the hope that it might add a little tube flavor to the system. The Integra is in the shop for repairs, so I can't make a comparison yet. The equipment must sit enclosed in a built-in cabinet, so a tubed integrated is not possible due to heat and ventilation considerations.

Not being able to demo either of these units I suppose I'll just have to take my chances. This won't be the first time I've done that. I was just hoping things would be a little simpler this time. But I suppose that's the fun of this hobby. Trial and error.

Thanks again for your opinion.
I have only heard the Ayre, and to be honest I was not impressed. I used the Ayre with my CEC Tl51x transport, Wadia 12 DAC and Impulse Aria SE speakers. I felt it lacked the power to rock on my speakers. Maybe it was to clean to well behaved but it just didn't rock. I thought it was to sterile. Some time later I bought my Symphonic Line integrated and it is so much better then the Ayre.
I couldn't disagree more with the "sterile" conclusion of Mordante. Obviously, the AX-7e has "only" 60 watts per channel, but they are a legitimate 60. As to "rocking," that would really depend upon the efficiency of the speakers, size of the room and tastes of the listener. I have 2 AX-7e, one for each of my secondary systems. One is paired with Avalon mixing monitors, and the other Sonus Faber Auditor M's. In both cases I get wonderfully musical results, and plenty of volume for those settings. Ayre dealers are carefully selected to provide good customer service. You owe it to yourself to listed to the unit in your home with your setup and your music. There are simply too many variables to rely upon others, or even a dealer demo. Have fun!
I am just writing what I heard. I agree that Ayre makes some great gear. But this amp just didn't do it for me. My room is not that big about 26m2 and my speakers are 89dB/m at 6 Ohm average with dips to 3.0-3.5 Ohm So that is nothing special. The system I have: speakers,Impulse Aria SE, the CD transport CEC TL51x, DAC Wadia 12, TT VPI Scout, Cartridge Lyra Dorian. IC Cardas hexlink, speakercable Wireworld Atlantis 5. Don't know is that is usefull but it might put it in perspective. You can have a look at my set at the virtual systems.

The music I play is anything from UB40 to Slayer.

The Symponic Line La Musica isn't a power house either s has more the 100watt/channel at 8 Ohm but how much is not specified. But my girlfriend and me both liked the SL a lot more then the Ayre.