Ayon Triton running only one channel

I moved my amp off my rack today and onto a new one and it's now only running 1 channel. The right channel is not working. I checked the speakers, and both are fine. I checked the tubes on the triton and those seem to be fine. Tried different cables, power, interconnects and speaker. The right channel speaker does work but you can only hear it if you crank the volume up really high. Any thoughts?
You made a simple mistake somewhere.. I'd first double check "slowly" all the connections.. If they really are correct then first switch channels see if it moves.. but I suspect that you hooked up something wrong.. it happens to the best of us :-)
Ssayeed- Were you able to determine the cause of the problem?
I have an Ayon Triton amp also and it just started the same issue with the right channel. I also checked all the tubes and they are fine. I have it set up in Direct as a power amp. Did you find an answer?
I have the Orion 2 and same problem. I brought mine back to Charlie and they found nothing wrong. He did say to try different output tubes (it came with black treasures). That will be next step.

Curious, do all of you have BT tubes or Ayon tubes?