Some Basic Center Channel speaker reccomendaitons

This is sort of a cross-post for one in the speaker forum, but did not get much of a response. I use a vintage pair of ADS 1090 small towers as my L & R fronts and im looking for a center channel. So if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the input. Now this is for non critical TV?Movie listening so I’m not expecting a perfect or even ideal match. Brief review of some of the HT forums reveals these are the usual recommendations

Ascend Acoustics

So I would appreciate any thoughts on the above, other recommendations or suggestions re a possible timbre or sonic signature . Would also be curious if anyone has any opinions on trying one of the traditionally "warmer sounding" brands ....maybe something like a Sonus Faber or Vienna Acoustics.

My other thought would be maybe ask a builder like fritz to make something up....

My only requirement is it I’d like to keep it seven inches or shorter....thanks in advance for any thoughts.
What's your budget?  I assume you mean a "height" of 7" or less?  What amp will you be driving it with?  Will it be in a cabinet or does it need to be close to the back wall?  How big is your room?  
soix. Thanks for the reply. Budget is $600ish. Looking for something that will be placed on the top of my tv stand under or in front of the tv. I have good depth and width...but the bottom of my tv is just about figuring a limit of 7 inch to be safe....

Room is 34 long by 20 wide...but we sit on bean bags on the floor only about half way back and there is an large  L shaped portion in the back and to the right so its actually smaller ....


Unless you find a center that is voiced the same, it's not worth it.  So, either find a smaller pair of ADS with the same tweeter and mid, have one built or don't use a center.  You can save $600 and set your pre on phantom mode.
Now this is for non critical TV?Movie listening so I’m not expecting a perfect or even ideal match.
My only requirement is it I’d like to keep it seven inches or shorter
How about a sound bar?
Agreed.  Those ADS 1090 have a rather unique looking midrange and tweeter.  I can be close to impossible to find a matching center channel  for this.  You could try, but expect to have mismatched sonic signatures.  You are likely better off starting from scratch and getting matching components if you want a 3-channel system.
If you're not up for buying three matching speakers, what about just setting your prepro or AVR to "phantom" for center channel (if you haven't already) since this is for non-critical listening?

If you're definitely keeping your speakers that you're obviously not going to be able to match and this is non-critical listening, I'd go for something neutral that goes reasonably low so at least you'll have clarity and fullness of vocals.  Nothing worse than muddy- or boxy-sounding or shrill- or thin-sounding vocals from a center speaker.  Under these circumstances I don't think you need to spend all that much either.  Here's a very good one for $269.  I know someone who has one and it's neither bright nor warm, and vocals sound very neutral and natural through it.  It is a shade over 7.5" with its footers installed, but if you can make it work I think you'll be very happy with its performance.  They offer a generous trial period so you can see for yourself if it works for you.  Best of luck.
Thanks for the replies.   I’m well aware this mismatch goes against the grain but just looking for a stopgap for now.  

Re Aperion.  Don’t know much about them I’ll take a look.  Don’t know what they do that would be a major difference than other ID vendors such as rsl emotiva and or chane 
I would avoid the Emotiva and Chane speakers because the ribbon tweeters are likely going to be very different. The Ascend and Asperion options look good for a "somewhat closer" match. The use softdome tweeters like your ADS.
The best center channel speakers I’ve heard have had a dedicated midrange driver located below the tweeter. You’ll notice the Aperion is configured this way, and I’ve also heard it in a system I’m familiar with. It’s one of the few center speakers I’ve heard (especially at this price level) that sounds completely full and natural, and there was nothing that immediately jumped out at me as a notable coloration or limitation. That’s why I feel very comfortable recommending it, and I haven’t heard any of the others you mentioned. But just taking a quick look at those similarly-priced models, I have some thoughts FWIW.

I’m sure the similarly-priced Ascend is a nice speaker, but it doesn’t have a dedicated midrange driver so for that reason I prefer the Aperion. Also, note that their more expensive (and much larger) center speaker does have a dedicated midrange driver. I think that says something. I’d rule out the Chane for the same reason.

The Emotiva looks interesting, but all else being equal (which it’s not) I’d choose the Aperion’s silk dome over this speaker’s ribbon tweeter because at least it’s more similar in design to your speakers. Then there’s the 3" midrange driver used in the Emotiva, which I’d be concerned doesn’t have the range to believably portray lower mids and dynamics. I’d prefer the 4" mid driver in the Aperion for those reasons and because I know from experience it delivers in this critical area. Last, the Emotiva is about 8.5" tall, which I’d think may be an issue given your stated space requirements.

Hope this helps at least somewhat, and again best of luck in whatever you decide.

Thank you everyone for the responses.  I never considered the Aperions as I thought they were kinds of a cheap slap some drivers in a box and sell ID.   But that could have been a misconception from years ago and or maybe confusing them with axiom 

any way the 4c 5c suggestion is great .  Aperion just added a new grand model to thier Verus line and dropped the price on ther Verus 2.   If there is free shipping both ways I may order both and test them against the Sonus Faber Chemelon center I’m about to try out 
I think it's a very good idea to compare the Chameleon to the Verus.  Given what I said in prior posts it's probably not a surprise that I'm not a fan of the Chameleon C design (nor that it weighs less than half that of the Verus), and you should read the review of the Chameleon speakers in Sound & Vision if you haven't already.  FWIW...

Center channel speakers play an important role in surround sound setups by balancing the total sound of the system and providing a specific anchor location for dialogue and vocals.

Things to Consider

  • Budget
  • Compatibility
  • Size and appearance
  • Usage Habits
Let me know about the above things, maybe I can help you :)