POWER QUESTIONS for my integrated home theatre/2 channel CJ ET3 SE set up

First time posterI have two 15 amp outlets behind my tv. Both outlets are relatively new and about 6 feet apart.
I have a PS AUDIO POWERPLAY IPC 9000 (10 outlets 2x5) with the 5 pieces plugged in :
  • 1. NAD M25 7 channel amp
  • 2. CJ ET3 SE -
  • 3. Marantz AV8801. PP -
  • 4. Oppo 205. -
  • 5. JL Fathom Sub -
I have a Furman powerstrip with:Pannie Plasma TV
and 5 gaming consoles.
I recently added the CJ ET3 SE as I love 2 channel audio. I am utilizing the home theater function with the CJ and having noise/sound problems with the CJ. It isn’t all the time but sometimes there is hissing and humming other times. I changed the tube in the CJ twice. I didn’t know that the CJ is extremely sensitive to all types of interference. Interconnects are 3 and 4.5 feet. It seems when I do the theatre bybass function the interference develops.

I am doing 7.1 analog from Oppo to Marantz/CJ theater bypass for movies in analog. Oppo to CJ for 2 channel music.
1. Should I have the CJ plugged into the 2nd outlet of OUTLET 1 by itself on its own conditioner or do something else.
2. Is there too much on my PS IPC 9000 ? Maybe put the NAD M25 on its own since it is a beast?
3. What is the best recommended power cord for the CJ? i know this is subjective but was curious.
This is my first tube amp.  I appreciate any input THANKS!

I have the ET3 and a very similar situation. It drove me crazy but found the source -- dimmers in other rooms. I thought it was an issue with pass-through but found that if I turned the volume up while on any source with pass-though disabled (not playing music or anything of course) the buzz is the same at volume level 66 which as I understand is the same as pass-though (unity gain).

Even if you don't have dimmers checking the above could tell you it's not a problem with the ET3/pass-through itself but probably an outside source only making itself known at high volume levels.  
Thanks for the info.   I didn't thing about dimmers.    I have one upstairs in the kitchen.   Will look into it.