Ayon Triton- Anyone compared to high end seperates

I have been an audiophile for over 35 years having owned Jadis, Audio Research, Audio Note, Goldmund and way to many to name here. I have been on a quest to find nirvana without busting the household budget. I have been contemplating the Ayon Triton integrated amp and was wondering if anyone has had any experience comparing it to separates.

Consumer feedback on the Ayon gear is very encouraging but does not delve into this question.

I was contemplating used ARC VT-100 MkII etc etc.

I am not interested in your alternate choices for integrated gear, nor lectures about why separates should be better. Only real firsthand experience with my question although any from Ayon line compared to others will be great as well.

Thanks in advance
My friend has an Ayon integrated, I will suggest that he answers himself more fully. His impression is that the amp section is better than the pre. Substituting a Magic hybrid for the pre gave an improvement and let him to get a passive which he now uses. He uses an Ayon CD player and a pair of Tyler speakers, either D-1s or D-10s, whichever is the slightly smaller one. He likes the amp very much.
what suprised me most about my Triton was how wide bandwidth this amp is, and also how low of a noise floor for a tube amplifier- I believe the big Austrian (Lundahl I believe) extremely high quality transformers used in the Triton to be a big reason why... and yes, I have replaced SS separates with this (I will not bring up name brands)- it is a truly wonderful high-end integrated amp, and to have the option of a direct pass through being able to also try different outboard preamps makes it a wonderfully flexible product as well.
Hello Jcaudio-

I purchased a Triton Integrated about a year ago when I decided to move away from separates and haven’t looked back. My involvement in the hobby only goes back about 12 years, but in that time I have enjoyed some relatively decent gear. As far as separates are concerned, I’ve cycled through the following: Sim Audio Moon Limited Edition stack (P5-LE, W5-LE, and Moon Eclipse-LE CDP), which lead to a Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-51SE + VK-75SE combination, and then a BAT VK-51SE + VK-250SE combo, and finally a VK-52SE + VK-600SE combo. Whew- a fun but expensive journey…

But through the process, I learned what I like – a full range, detailed presentation WITH a lot of body, layers, and richness. That’s all! I liked the Sim Audio gear, but it was a little sterile. The BAT solid state gear added some of the other dimensions I was looking for. Now the BAT rig with the BAT tube amp – that was a kit I really enjoyed. I tried the BAT VK-600SE solid state amp in an attempt to put some big iron behind Dynaudio speakers. I’m a huge BAT fan, but I definitely missed what tubes (VK-75 SE) contributed to the system. Whether you call it organic richness or call it distortion – I like it. I needed to get back to a tube amp in a simpler system setup – so enter the Triton…

Enough background? Now on to your question – the Triton is an awesome integrated amp, and I think it can hold its own with similarly priced separates (<$10k). In fact, I believe it would compare favorably with separates in the $15k range. I feel like I’m not giving up anything, and have been able to reallocate dollars across my system to improve overall system performance (turntable upgrades, room treatments, cables, ICs, etc.). All of the attributes I look for in a system’s presentation are there, and the synergy between my Sophia 2s and the Triton is fantastic. Like all tube amps, it kicks off some heat, so make sure that having a room heater is not going to be a problem for you. The integrated is built like a tank and has been completely trouble free. Hope this helps, and good luck with your next move.
BTW - looking to build a second system for my office and going to come back to you about Decco/Era.

Thanks for your post...I found it very informative - particularly regarding the BAT!

I heard the triton in a home setup with speakers I did not know very well (sorry, I can't recall the make). The setup sounded very good. When it comes to tube sound, I generally prefer low-powered triode amplification, particularly single-ended amps (SET), so I was pleasantly surprised at the sound from this integrated amp. It did not deliver the natural sounding initial attack of the note and long decay that is comparable to that from well designed SETs, but it was much closer than most high-powered pentode amps. It was also lively sounding and engaging. For the money, it sounded very good.

I can't really think of any combination of other components that I would recommend over the Triton, assuming that one really needs that kind of power. Perhaps, an inexpensive linestage and an Output Transformerless (OTL)amp would be in the running, but, one that can put out 100 watts would be expensive and would run REALLY hot. I like OTL amps when more power than 20 watts is needed.

Have owned many SET amps (was actually an AudioNote dealer) and while I like the sound, I don't like being so limited on speaker choices, especially considering I get the trade bug about every two months.

Thanks for all who responded.
I have placed my order for a new Triton. :)

I can understand not wanting to be severely limited in choice of speakers. There are very few high efficiency speakers that I really like myself.

However, unless someone has a really big room, plays at really high volume, and/or this bass response/control is the be-all-and-end-all of high quality sound, most speakers really don't need to be fed by 100 watts. If that kind of power is really "needed," within reasonable budget constraints, good solid state might actually be the choice; delivering power is the forte of solid state. A lot of high powered tube amps sound quite brittle and unnatural to me; often far more "solid state" than an equivalently priced solid state alternative.

If something around 50 watts or so would work for you, perhaps you could find a SET amp that uses high-powered triode tubes like the 811 or 845. A friend had a Wyetech amp with 811 tubes that sounded pretty good.

Still, while I have limited experience with the Ayon, it delivered the goods and is probably a good bet.
Ther you go Another reassuring discussion about Triton.

JC, did u get ur unit? Hows it goin?

It has been reviews of these sort that have made me plunge into the tube arena with the Ayon Triton. Could not settle for anything else since, i wanted to avoid the tension of speakers. BUT i shall certainly go the way for better speakers in terms of higher sensitivity than B&W 805, in sometime.

Thanks for sharing ur bit.