AVM - AMP essential Pre

I'm auditioning an AVM preamp. I believe this preamp retailed around $6500 or more about 10 years ago, including the optional phono stage card. Built like a tank. First preamp I've seen with three torodial transformers. Anyone else have any experience with this preamp? I have not found much information on the web for this pre. So far I'm very impressed- detail, instrument placement, sound stage..... is scary good.
I spoke to the original owner last night who took over an audio business in MA and at the time was the only US distributor for AVM. This was over 10 years ago. He stated this unit was the only unit imported to the US before he shut his business down due to the economy. Their were likely other units sold in Europe in 220 volt configuration. Pretty cool knowing I likely have the only AVM - specific model in the US.
that´s really an interesting story.
I´m from Germany and have been owning an AMP PRE for two years now.
I´ve had a bunch of different pre amps prior to that - AVM V2, Burmester 877 MKII, Audionet Pre1G3, ML 26S - but the PRE really was the best in overall performace. The 26S came pretty close but had to go due to no remote.
My main goal with an pre amp is tonal neutrality. What goes in should go out. I´ve been running her with my Wadia 861 SE, which can be used as DAC-Pre Amp but I experienced that the PRE added mor acurate bass, more details and more room.
Unfortunately I don´t have any XLR modules even though all slots are occupied. AVM want 900,- € for both the input/output modules which I think is way too much. So they can keep them. I´m still hoping to find somebody who will swap modules with me though.