Funk Essentials - Under The Radar

Feel free to mention EWF, Parliament, etc., but I'm curious as to which releases this group thinks might be the overlooked gems.


No serious Funk collection should be without "THE BEST OF SAM & DAVE", copious amounts of James Brown, and perhaps some Wilson Picket.
My fav P. Funks are "Mothership Connection", "Uncle Jam Wants You" and "Gloryhallastoopid".

Would also recommend the Ohio Players "Honey" and "Fire".

Although Sam & Dave and Wilson Pickett were both funky, their music wasn't funk. It's all about the ONE!
Anything by The Meters.New Orleans funk at it's best.
I would add Average White Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Gap Band, Dazz Band and Zapp.
Ohio Players Gold CD is an essential as is any decent collection of hits by the O'Jays and Kool and the Gang.

More recently, "One Two Punch" by Liquid Soul is one of my favs.
Some of the spin offs of Funkadelic/Parliament are often overlooked

Bootsy Collins Rubber Band
Eddie Hazel

I hope the reason that Tower of Power hasn't been mentioned is that everyone already knows they are FUNKY
Nils Landgren
Harvey Mason
Maceo Parker
Fred Wesley
Chaka Khan
Average White Band
Cold Blood
Rufus Thomas
Brothers Johnson
Charles Wright & the Watts
The Gap Band
Phat Phunktion
Herbie Hancock
Sly & The Family Stone

A good Funk label is "Brown Sugar".
In addition to the fine funk mentioned already...

Curtis Mayfield (post-Impressions)
Rick James
Larry Graham/Graham Central Station
Robert Randolph
Neville Brothers
Junior Giscombe
Trombone Shorty (Troy Andrews)
Adding to an already great list:

Jimmy Castor Bunch
Check this out Fred Wesley's amazing Trombone playing Cold Sweat

Perhaps the only thing better is hearing Cold Sweat played by Bernard Purdie with his famous Psh Psh Psh on the hi-hat!
The funk aroma has wafted over a pretty large area, here's a few i like that sprouted up along the fringes:

The J.B's. Doin' It To Death ... (1973) James Brown does sing (or maybe more like talks you up) on this one, but this is the J. B's. record to stretch out on. It's not hard to see why the T.J. Kirk guys had to use You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight. The whole record is core material.

Kristian Schultze Set/ Recreation ... (1972) It's got a weird 70"s kind of Euorpean humorous jazz cheese thing going that aged real good.

Praxis/Transmutation,(Mutatis Mutandis)...(1992)Sometimes a little goofy, but you got Bootsy, Bernie Worrell, Buckethead and Bill Laswell smearing around a gorgeous high amplitude science fiction brand of funk that won't be denied after you hit play.

Defunkt/ Defunkt (1980) This one kind of upped the game in the hyper kinetic chops dept., (blame Lester Bowie, Vernon Reid and Melvin Gibbs for that). Titles like Thermonuclear Sweat let you know what you're in for.

Miles Davis/ On The Corner (1972) Apex achievement, this along w/ Herbie Hancock's Sextant pump out the some of the finest brain melting funk infused audio formations available.
It's a New Day (Skull Snaps)
I was going to shout DEFUNKT but Duanegoosen beat me at it.

And for lasciviousness in funk check out Betty Davis.
charles wright & the watts 103ed st st. rhythm band (backing on early bill crosby albums, too)
wild tchopitoulas (meters, toussaint-related)
swamp dogg (jerry wiliams)--total destruction to your mind, rat on + others; legendary producer, composer, keys, etc w/b.b. king, irma thomas, ron wood, etc.
dyke & the blazers
the undisputed truth
kool and the gang (early)
eddie bo
the gaturs
wouldn't snooze on most of prince's catalog, either!
I just picked up "Masterology(The Pioneers of New British Funk)" from The New Mastersounds on Sundazed Records.If you like Booker T. & the M.G.s type funk,you will love this album.Also,it's a very well recorded album.
Neville Brothers: Live From Planet Earth, funk that will shake your house...
I will second the New Mastersounds and add Mother's Finest. Their first two or three albums are great funk/rock party music.
Anything by The Brothers Johnson. In particular, "Get The Funk out My Face," "Strawberry Letter 23," and "I'll Be Good To You."
brothers johnson x2
new mastersounds x3
budos band
Many groups played funk. Many in this thread were the leaders of Funk and definitely not under the radar.

Some that haven't been mentioned

Brass Construction
BT Express
Johnny Guitar Watson
The Gap Band
SOS band
Yes, Brass Construction!

Ha Cha Cha......

Forgot about them!
Slave's first two albums are off the hook. Cameo and The Gap Band are perveyuers of the funk mantle too.
Papa Grows Funk
Galactic (early)
Trombone Shorty
Sorry -

I always try to thank everyone for their input and I haven't yet done so, so I will now.

Thank You!
I've got a baker's dozen on the way from CD Connection.

did i miss it?tower of power?
Deeper than deep:

Al Wilson
Bill Withers
The Blackbyrds
Blue Magic
Bobby Womack
The Chi-Lites
Cornelius Brothers
The Dells
Donnie Ebert
Donny Hathaway
The Dramatics
Eddie Kendricks
The Emotions
Foster Sylver
The Free Movement
Harold Melvin
The Honey Cone
Hues Corporation
Isaac Hayes
Isley Brothers
Jimmy Castor Bunch
Joe Simon
Joe Tex
Johnie Taylor
Kool & The Gang
Lamont Dozier
Lou Rawls
The Main Ingredient
Manu Dibango
The Moments
The O'Jays
O.V. Wright
Ohio Players
People's Choice
The Persuaders
The Stylistics
The 8th Day
Sorry Bongofury, but having grown up on soul music (r&b), and funk, there is a difference. Some of the artists mentioned are definitely not funk. Great artists, but not funk.
Foster, it is all about the groove. Slow, burning, fast and pulsating--my list covers them ALL.