Avantgarde Solos

Anybody heard them yet? I heard them in SF over the weekend and they were still breaking in (store had them less than a week), and they seemed promising. In fact, i was surprised how good they sounded.

Seems like a great, simple solution. CDP-Pre-Speakers, or possibly eliminate a pre if you don't need vinyl. They also aren't so intrusive as the Unos/Duos or require such a big room. The active eq seems like a winner too.

Thoughts on this unusual speaker?
Does not have the magic of the Unos.
Avantgarde ? Magic ? Am i missing something ?
You guys are all just horny.

That's one of the best products made by avantgarde and it doesn't sound that "horny".
They can perform great in small and mid-sized rooms, giving superb soundstaging and imaging. Not a bad bargain as well. If you order them from Germany you can save some bucks on these probably the best made so-far active full range speakers.