Integrated Amp. for Platinum Solos?

I have a pair of Platinum Solos which are adequately broke-in. Their Impedance is 6 Ohm and Sensitivity is 84db.
I am thinking about getting a Musical Fidelity A300 integrated amp which generates 150 WPC. But, according to
MF A300's manual, they recommend using speakers of above
88db. Would I have any problem using MF A300 to drive Solos?
What other good Intg.Amp. would you recommend around $1,000
Having previously owned the Solos which were used with a Bryston 4B-ST (250w@8ohms,400w@4ohms) you are going to need gobs of juice - but hey thats just my opinion. The more power the better and unless you are satisfied with less than live levels I'm not sure the MF is going to do it for you. I wish I could offer a suggestion for a more powerful integrated but nary a one comes to mind. I'll have to give it some more thought...
having also previously owned the Solos, they indeed like a lot of juice. I first powered mine with a Classe CAP-80 integrated=120wpc @6 ohms which was OK but then switched to a 300 wpc PS Audio amp which really let the Solos sing at a whole new performance level.Then I discovered tubes and that's the rest of the story
I am driving my Hales T-5's with a NAD S300 integrated
amp. NAD rates it at 100 WPC, but it sounds better and
plays louder than when I was driving them with an
Odyssey Stratos amp (150 WPC). My Hales are rated at 88
db. Great build quality too.
I drove a set of Acoustic Energy AE-1's,which are similar in design to the platinum solo's,with an Exposure XV integrated amp. It has to be in a relatively small room however. It's only got 40 watts per channel,but the're quality watts.
I own the solos and just purchased a Musical Fidelity A3cr amp to drive them. I can say that the musicality of this amp...transparency etc. Far exceeding its cost. This sounds so magical and images great. However, for these speakers, I just dont think the MF has enough gas. On some tracks, the bass can be downright anemic. I am only guessing the integrated would offer similar bass performance. Remember, these are some of the most power hungry speakers out there. Period.

For what it is worth, the rowland and levinson integrateds sound great. Plenty of power!
Thank you guys all very much for your comments.
After reading your postings and doing some reasearch of my own, I have come to a conclusion that the separates are the
way to go with these speakers.
Maybe you can recommend me a good(and powerful, of course) Power Amp and Pre Amp combination which can be purchased
(used) for around $2,000. My choice of Power Amp at this
moment would be Bryston 4BST.
My room size would be about 200 square feet and I listen to
mostly classical music and Jazz.
While there have been many positive reviews about the synergy between Bryston preamps & amps I can advise I am very happy with my tube Rogue 66 preamp mated with my 4B-ST - both can be bought used within your budget with a little patience.
Well it looks like we are in the same boat just about, because I may be looking for a new amp to tide me over till I get a levinson. I have been researching for a while and have narrowed it down to the following in this price range of $1000-$1500:

Marsh A400 used
Bryston 4Bst used
Mckormack 225 used
Aragon 8008BB used (I had this unit before)
Odyssey Stratos new (may not have enough juice though)
Bel Canto 200.2 used (may not have enough juice though)

For preamps, I would recommend a tube possibly an Anthem. Let's see what other folks recommend.
Hey Guys
How about the Plinius at 175wpc/8ohms for the solos?