Avalon modified drivers vs. Accuton originals


I have a pair of Avalon Eidolons. Due to an unfortunate accident, both midranges got fried. Now, there is a choice of either replacing them with C79-600575ab OEM drivers from Avalon ORmoriginal C90-6-079 from Accuton. I understand Avalon modifies/matches these. The question is, does this modification justify 2.5 (!!!) times the cost of Accuton's model?

Any info/guidance would be much appreciated.
IMO,it does if you ever plan on selling them...cant comment on the sound diff
Unfortunately I think you better pony up and go with the Avalon sourced pair. In addition to pair matching, there are other modifications that Avalon does in house that are part and parcel to the crossover design. Now if you can find out exactly what the modifications entail, but they may not divulge that.
I would email Accuton. If the mod is mechanical..ie adding mass or something to change cone rigidity, then they will sound differently. I have seen so called modded parts that had no more than a resister glued to the frame. My guess is that you need to get the Avalon mids, but I would email Accuton and find out.
Go with the less expensive drivers and post if there is any sonic differences. I suspect there will be, but I don't know that for a fact.

How did you destroy the original drivers?