Avalon Eidolon Visions in the house

Upgraded from Thiel CS 2.4s (which I think are fantastic by the way). The Eidolon Visions just arrived today.......good lord. I know that this may be old news, but now I understand what the deal is with all the love these things get. Sounds like there is a damn mini version of whoever I'm listening to in the room with me. Full writeup to come.
Could not agree with you more. I also have the Avalon Eidolon Vision speakers, and felt the same way you did. Never has the soundstage come across bigger and deeper, nor has music sound more transparent than my Visions. They are also extremely musical - realistic sounding and not metallic, to boot! I have had and heard many other high-end speakers, such as B&W, Wilson, Kharma, Eggleston, Burmester, MBL, Rockport, etc., where each brand has its own strengths, but there's just nothing quite like the musicality and smoothness of Avalons!

However, I have found that they are very sensitive to just about every other component in the system. The better the other components, the better these speakers sound, including the power cords used on your amplifiers. With a great power cord on your amp, you will be amazed at how much more heft and depth it will add to the bass and soundstage of your speakers!
Congratulations! Glad to hear you're enjoying them. I have been living with Eidolon Diamonds for 6 years now and I still haven't heard another speaker I like nearly as much.

Congratulations on your fine speakers.....I had the original Avalon floor standers(the Ascent-MK-II)for many years.It held up to virtually everything I'd heard,and only sold it to move onto playing a musical instrument,which takes up all of my spare time...but...

If I were to buy a new speaker,yours would be it!!...To me,nobody produces a design that is as transparent in allowing a sound field to develop.Many designs are wonderful,but if you have lived with a top tier Avalon you know what I mean.

Best of luck
How does the Vision compares to the Diamond? What is their price difference? Heard the Diamond last year at a dealer driven to very good effect using all VAC electronics with Ayre cdp.. Memorable.
Hi Djanggo......never listened to the diamonds so I have no idea what the comparison would be. I actually bought these sight unseen, took a chance. I've mentioned Atlanta's lack of high end choices, so unless I flew to NYC/LA or Chicago, I really didn't have a choice, and my schedule now wouldnt' allow it. I got an incredible price so there wasn't much risk on my part. They sound incredible so far! Haven't had a lot of time to really spend with them yet.
Congratulations on your purchase. I have owned mine for a few years now and still love them. I have heard everything out there and would still purchase them again today. I don’t think that they are all that finicky, but they do like lots of power to make them sing. I am running mine with an Anthem Statement P5. I would encourage you to experiment with placement. Once you find the right spot, they are truly amazing. Good luck.
Thanks Cdj.....they really are smooth as silk so far. I will say that for anyone considering Avalons......I really didn't understand the difference between a speaker sounding "hifi" vs. "realistic". My wife can't believe how much they sound like live music right there in your room......and I don't mean in that "echoey" way. The vocals and the instruments just sound more real than what you're used to hearing. My dealer did say that it could take a little getting used to since they don't sound like a typical loudspeaker and I think he's right. It is also true that they are truly revealing of the recording...I've played tons of stuff I'm familiar with and the recording quality is definitely highlighted more so than with my Thiels. Also, I'm a little surprised at music that I prefer so far, or I should say music that sounds SO much better through the Avalons. What I mean is that if I put Sarah Brightman, Diana Krall, Eva Cassidy....all the typical audiophile fare, sure they sound amazing and better than before. However, I've enjoyed the difference on some of the more mainstream stuff that I listen to, stuff with a lot of guitar play/drums/etc. like The Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, Clapton, Dire Straits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Boston, even newer stuff like Coldplay.....I really think the Avalons have made a bigger difference with that kind of music than they did with the typical audiophile vocal stuff, I mean, let's face it, Enya would sound good on tons of mid to high end loudspeakers. We played Viva La Vida on Coldplay's newest album and my wife said it was borderline weird hearing something that she's familiar with sound so real.
I like avalon speakers too ,a very balanced speaker , where are the pics and what type of fineer ?
Check the system link, new pics were uploaded today!
One great thing about Avalons is that they keep getting better. I appreciate mine even more with each passing year. Your ears continue to open over the upcoming months, you will find the perfect speaker position to 'lock' onto that holographic image, and with any future upstream upgrades, they will continue to dazzle. No other speaker tempts me.
I stopped in to listen to the Avalons at a local dealer recently. I have always been impressed with the sound stage and imaging of the Avalon brand having heard the Eidolons and the Diamonds on several occasions. He had a demo pair of Visions for sale, but; mentioned the Avalon Indras were much better sounding then the Visions. He mentioned the Visions sounded flat and uninvolving compared to the Indras. Due to time constraints I only had time to listen to the Indras with Pass X150.5's, Berkeley DAC and PC Audio (J River) system. The sound was fantastic and sounded better to me then the Focal JMLab Scala Utopia's. The Scalas certainly provided a deeper sounding base response, but; the overall performance (Detail retreival, holographic imaging and accuracy) went to the Indras. Has anyone compared the Indras to the Vision model?
" My dealer says everything in his shop sounds much better than anything else" , I take the advice of most dealers with a large amount of sceptisism although there are who know what they are talking about , always judge first with your own ears , this has nothing to do with avalon speakers in general which is a very nice brand off course
If you were reponding to my thread, in all fairness to the dealer, he is an long time Avalon dealer and had the Avalons, both models, and the Scalas that he set up for me to audition. I did not have the time to audition the Visions he had for sale (Demos), yet recognize he has had ample time to listen to both the Visions and the Indras over time. I am curious if others have auditioned the Vision and Indras and what they heard.
The dealer I purchased them from had both as well (the Indras were actually my first choice when I started looking), and I asked him which he thought would be better based on my room. My room is 18 X 24 with really high, about 14 - 16 foot ceilings (they taper down from a vault shape). I was willing to be interested/purchase either. He basically said that if I had a smaller room that wasn't as well treated and was buying both at retail price, he said he would probably opt for the Indras since they would be several thousand cheaper. He said that the Eidolon Visions would be a much better value at the price he was willing to sell, and also that they would most likely sound quite a bit fuller in the bass and maybe slightly more dynamic (I've had some problems with bass in this room before). So far, the bass and "fullness" of the sound has been the biggest difference.
Gocubs999 - It just amazes how people like you can rain on somebody's parade. Andromedaaudio is jacked up about his purchase and you come on here and tell him your dealer said another model is better. Who cares what your dealer thinks? Did he know Andromedaaudio's room size, musical sensibilities, preferences etc.? Hell no, he didn't.

Get a clue.
My room size is similar and untreated with 12 foot cielings. That said, the room the dealer had was very well treated. Positioning is a struggle for me as I have no choice but to place them against the back wall which is not ideal for most any speaker. I wish I would have had time to listen to both to make a decision for myself. Your set up looks great and glad to hear of the results your getting with the Vision.

I assume you meant "Audioguy3107" rather than "Andromedaaudio" in your post above. I share your sentiment - "Gocubs999" remarks describing the dealer's observations of the Indras vs the Visions are unhelpful and borderline (if not totally) useless. I always enjoy reading about someone pumped about a new purchase, and his/her eagerness to share their excitement. Congrats to Audioguy3107 on the new arrival.

No disrespect,but no way the lower models are better than the Eidolon Vision....Pleeeeease!

Btw,a nice upgrade is to remove the protective grill(leaving the damping material in place)around the drivers.I guarantee you will find more resolution and open sound.

I did this to my Avalons and a past friend's.To keep a nice look,I sprayed the damping material black,and cut the covering around the drivers.It was definitely an improvement,and "not" subtle.

Good luck

I wouldn't be too quick to jump to that conclusion. If you do a search, there are a number of posters in other forums online who have heard both and believe the Indras are better.

Supposedly it is the result of the newer crossover technology used in the Isis.
OK,who knows?...Still,knowing the Avalon lineup pretty well,it would still be a BIG surprise,but nothing wrong with saving some cashola if it is true -:)