Aurios MIB Pro vs. Pro-Max?

For those in the know: is the Pro-Max a replacement or new version of the MIB Pro bearing?

Does anyone have any experience with them and wish to comment on their performance vs. the MIB Pro or even the 1.2s?

My understanding is it's a replacement. I too have been curious about how they preform against the Pros, I personally have found the performance of the 1.2 is quite a step down from the pro...

It is a replacement-black only.
The Aurio 1.2 are not even close to the the Aurio Pro's or the Pro-Max (which I now own under my sub) There is a lot more movement on the Pro-Max and they aren't sealed like the older Aurio Pro's (which kinda sucks because because I like the sealed piece under my dust ridden 140lb subwoofer which now I have to figure out how to get a vacuum under it.)

I bought 3 sets of Aurio 1.2's and then bought a used Aurio Pro and promptly sold all the 1.2's. They did help but the Pro's were 100%+ improvement over the 1.2 and did justify their more than 2x price back then of $599.

I found they made a difference in order of appearance
2)CD player/transport

No difference under my amps at the time (Lamm M1.1) Sistrum Stands also made no difference under the amps.

All my equipment is on Sistrum stands except my subwoofer (Aurio Pro-Max) and my amps now.