Aural Thrills Teflon RCA

Anybody have any experience with the teflon RCA in the DIY section on the Aura Thrills website? Looks like they are a minimalist approach to RCAs similar to Eichmann Bullet Plugs. They are about half the cost though.
Not what you are asking...anyway: I have tried his gold and palladium wire, I prefer 99.99% copper from jeweler suppliers.

If you want an affordable low mass gold-plated connector, try Vampire CX7-CB. It is made of OFC copper with direct gold plating (no nickel). The connector barrel is anodized and does not make electrical contact with the negative sleeve, therefore it acts as a low-mass connector in terms of eddy current.
It is also available in 5mm and 9mm diameter and sounds very balanced IMS.
It is easier to terminate if you use coaxial cables, because it uses a pressure sleeve to contact the shield.
Good luck
I have two DIY interconnects that I've terminated with the silver version of these Aural Thrills teflon RCA's. They are not the easiest to work with. Plus I made some modifications to them to "voice" the sound to please my ear. Once modified, I'd rate these RCA's in the better half of the high resolution crop.