DIY silver coated copper teflon wire?

I've got a bunch of 20awg, silver coated stranded copper, teflon insulated wire laying around. I've been using it for wiring the insides of guitar amps and I'm wondering if it would make for good DIY interconnects. I don't want to waste my time if it's not, so I thought I'd ask here. Kind of looks like the stuff Kimber uses?
Gee I'm sorry it won't work there isn't enough hype and BS surrounging your Mil Spec. wire. Sorry, now take it back, and then buy it again, this time at 20 times the price, and it will sound better.

Your on to something, I suggest that 20 gauge is overkill, and 22 is best but some will argue 24 and 26, some will argue that solid is the only way to go, some will argue that silver plating ruins the sound -----

Get thee to Parts Express and get a pack of $10 locking RCA's and or decent XLR connectors and maker your self up a set form a source to pre-amp, and pre-amp to amp and have a listen for your self. You'll hear it.

On the locking RCA's I like to drill a very small hole in the side of the connector for the neutral wire. It makes it easier to solder.

In my less than humble opinion, IMLTHO I think that it's a tad zingy but once it's in I dare you to go back to copper and have a listen, copper will just sound so ---- dead.

Next play with the guages and you'll see what I'm saying about gauge, for phono to pre-amp I use 28 or 30 gauge. Someone suggest it was current density in the wire, ---- hm a brand new cable spin coming up -----

I don't hear so much with windings, braiding or spacing, but the wire makes a difference and so do the connections to the RCA/XLR plugs. Use some silver bearing solder and do a good job.

I doubt you'll be looking to part with long green for hype in the future, and trust me, you'll do it once or twice before you figure out that your wasting your money.

Also try 10, 12, 14, and 16 gauge kapton enameled wire from a winding shop or wire maker. It's usually marketed as motor winding wire or 'magnetic' wire.

A gent named Spells I think is marketing these with connectors for a fair price. You may or may not like these, also keep a sharp eye out for the same gauges in teflon insulated silver plated copper for speaker cables.

Me thinks you'll see the light and come over to the sane side of this sport.

BTW for all you serious wire guru's out there, next time you take a driver out of your speaker, look at the miles of wire in you inductors on the cross over. You're gonna see 'magnet' wire, and a lot of it. Ya think that colors the sound???

das loon
Thanks! I'll be breaking out the soldering iron.
Silver plated wire sounds horrible, IMO. And that horrificTeflon, cotton insulation is the answer! But then Nordost uses it... :)
I whipped up a batch and the interconnects sounds pretty good so far. My Transparent Music Link still beats it, but I only have about 30 hours on the home brew silver/teflon. The Transparent is smoother, a little deeper, not as bright/harsh, and more relaxed sounding ... but not by much. I'm going to continue burning them in and see what happens in a few days.