Audiostatic DCI - Wing

Has anyone heard the Audiostatic DCI - Wing and if so what do they compare to as far as ESL's are concerned? Are they similar to Martin Logan CLS's?

What is the bass like on these speakers?

Are they compatible with OTL tube amplifiers or what amplifiers have you heard them with that sound good with this speaker.
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The Audiostatic Wing concerns a non-authorized modification by the German firm Geschka. The "Wings" are extension flaps mounted on the back of the frame. Details at Their claims are highly disputed.

Original equipment manufacturer is Audiostatic Holland, info at 33 Years in business, they sold over 50,000 pairs.

DCI refers to Audiostatic's patented direct coupled interface. The music signal is transformed up 200 times by four transformers. One pair of transformers provides balanced power to the front grid, the other pair to the rear grid. The two pairs of transformers drive the grids in push-pull for maximum diaphragm control. The fifth "transformer" is a capacitor-resistor network which charges the diaphragm to 6,000 Volts (versus 4,200 Volts for CLS). Latest models comprise the following innovations:

* Long-throw diaphragm with maximum amplitude of +/- 10 millimeters, five times that of Quad and Martin Logan.
* Conductive organic polymer diaphragm coating. Holds charge better than aluminum, and eliminates resistors from the middle taps of the audio transformers.
* Less than 0.1% combined harmonic, intermodulation and phase distortion at normal playback volume. This is 5-20 times better than the average audiophile speaker.
* 87 dB SPL at 1W/2.83Vrms, can play very loud, to 110 dB SPL.
* Impedance Zavg = 8, Zmin = 3.7 Ohms, ensuring good equipment compatibility.
* Wide, resonance-free frequency response 25 Hz-90 kHz with powerful, clean bass.
* Sturdy construction, with extremely stiff and heavy (70 lb) multi-sandwich aluminum-MDF composite frame. Will neither arc nor break, when driven to the limit.
* Small footprint (just 1 ft wide) with excellent dispersion.
* Modular construction hence easy to service. Complete diaphragm and electronics exchange takes one hour of unskilled labor at ~1/3rd of new cost.
* Experienced, efficient manufacturing, to high standards and comparatively low price.

I own model ES300 since 1992, updated to DCI-5 electronics and (short-throw) conductive polymer membrane in 2004. Driven by Mark Levinson electronics they have delivered 16 years of astounding quality. Door canvassers repeatedly gave the biggest compliment an audiophile can get “Sir, where are your speakers?”

Unlike Martin Logan, Audiostatic will last a lifetime and is compatible with a wide range of electronics.

Particularly good performance was observed with Jadis JA-30 valve mono blocks, Audio Research VT60-VT140, Classic 120, 150, M300 and M600, Krell KSA250, Mark Levinson 331, 332 and 333, JK Acoustics solid state mono blocks. Reportedly they should be compatible with Crofts OTL. Audiostatic will, however, not partner well with Accuphase (E206) and Mark Levinson 20-series (23.5 and 20.5).