Audiostatic MDi Owners, Reviews, etc

Very little info on the Web. Anyone out there that owns a pair. No USA Importer. The website states selling factory direct for 2990 euro. very slow on returning emails. No response yet after 4 weeks.
Just sold my Eidolons, Looking to return to planars

Past Speakers,
Avalon Eidolons, Infininty Sigmas, Audiostatic ES500, ES300, Martin Logan CLS II Z, Magnaplanar MG 3A'S.etc

Room size, 35 L X 12.5 W X 8 H. Tube traps set up by ASC.
From floor to celling, 3 Pairs of 20" x 4ft on the front wall.
one pair of 13" x 4ft on each side wall of the speakers.

As for electronics, Spectral DMA-260, 180S2 are on my main preferences.

I sold my 250, 30SS S2, Mit V1.1 Cables.
I prefered the 180 series amp over the 250 in terms of low end and dynamics. The 180 is slightly more colored then the 250. The 260 should be a overall improvement.

Audiostatic just returned my email as of 7/18/13

Hello Lawrence,

Thanks for your mail(s) and apologies for the late answer.
Yes, I am still involved with and own Audiostatic, and have designed
a new model, based on the former ES 500, but with entererly new
driver system, a new and thinner memrane material and a very long
membrane stroke for excellent low frequency response.
At the moment I am negogiating with our subcontractor regarding manufacturing and sales price.
I am looking for a good US distributor, may be you have a good idea regarding
this matter.
As soon as more data and foto's are available I will mail you.

Kind regards,

Ben Peters

Rebuilding System