anyone have any experince with audiostatic spks

Looking for any feedback on the AUDIOSTATIC elctrostatic loudspeakers, made in holland EX: reliabilty,service, sound quality age of ownership,etc.
Hi, I have had my Audiostatic ES240s for over 15 years and they not only sound great but have been problem free. They have been in a smoke free house and have had TLC. If you are anywhere upstate N.Y. you are welcome to hear them. Right now I am useing a Bryston 4BST on them and the sound is wonderful as they like a little power.
Lrsky use to sell these speakers at the store he once owned..Tom
Tom's right, I sold them, and they were/are excellent speakers. The problem I had which was to be expected, was the directional nature of flat panel electro statics. They really beam, making for a very, very narrow sweet spot. They were a real sonic treat if that is not an issue though. They were also upgradable, with extra panels available, for additional bass. Exceptionally well-made and, all the transparency you expect from electro's. I think the magical product in electros these days, are the Sound Labs though. Read their web page. They discuss the mylar, and how it is sectioned into small areas, making for more uniform taughtness in the mylar, and lessening panel resonances. Too little space here to go into, but, if the budget allows look at Sound Labs. US made, and recent upgrades in their QC makes them highly desirable. I LOVE them! Albertporter, I think his name is, a 'Goner, can rave for hours about them. He has the Ultimates, which are simply that just like his beautiful home.
Back to the Audiostat, I have an old friend, customer,who had his for at least ten years, and, never had a problem. That is an excellent track record for electros.
Good Luck. If you need any more info, email me directly.
I'll throw my 2 cents in. I've only heard them at shows and I recall them being exactly as Lrsky described them. They really need a quality subwoofer though.
P.S. wasn't there some sort of recommendation for use with PAC IDOS pre-amps/line conditioning for use with these speakers? Perhaps it was just one audio review or a self serving business interest?
I've owned ES100/SW100's for several years, with never a problem. While they do beam somewhat, I think Lrsky overstates the case a bit. Had I not purchased Sound Lab U-1s, I might still be listening to them. Yes, the Ultimates are a considerable upgrade, albeit at a significant cost.

Unsound, I never heard of any recommendation of PAC IDOS; it could have come from a dealer.

My beaming comment was not a criticism but an observation. Frequencies above a certain tone, travel in a nearly straight line; not because I think so, this is emperically correct. Therefore it is impossible to overstate their beaming characteristics as a fact of their shortcommings, since some, if not most people would want a larger listening window. These speakers offer almost the literal, head in a vice size sweet spot of other designs of olden days.
What is accurate, while unfortunate, is not a criticism, simply, again an observation. Why else does Gayle Sanders, of Martin Logan use a "Curvilinear" design. Why does Roger West of Sound Labs use an even more sophisticated curvature with smaller areas, to change resonances, and disperse the high frequencies.
They recognize what everyone knows who has measured in an electrostatic...beaming.
Good Listening,
I owned them and loved them. Needed lots of power to get them to full potential. At least in my room. real cool looking also.
I owned the 240 MD´s for more than ten years without any problems, great ´stats but somewhat rolled off highs and very tough to drive.