Audioquest IC's for tubed separates.

I'm running a C-J PV12al paired with a Premier 11a and I'm interested to hear if anyone's had any experience using Audioquest IC to provide the links between their tubed pre, sub and tubed amp.

I've read that some people have had less than desirable results using two runs of Audioquest ICs in the same system - basically the end result being a veiled image.

I'm toying w/ Corals & Pythons, but before shelling out the cash, I'm curious to hear any feedback.

As for budget, I'm trying to keep things under $700 for two 2m runs (which may be tough to do).

Thanks in advance for any insight.

I tried Audioquest Coral between my Wright tubed preamp and Wright 2A3 monoblocks. I was not impressed. I am now using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal and Synergistic Research Synchresta and am very happy with them. Another good cable was Silver Audio's Silver Bullet 4.0

I would suggest finding a dealer that will let you audition and return the cables if you don't like them, or buy used cables that can be re-sold for close to the same price that you pay for them.

Good luck
I have used Vipers between my PV-10A and Premier 11A and was very impressed with the results. I have since upgraded to a Premier 16ls/II and MF2500A with Anaconda interconnects; I am very impressed with this combination. I have listened to a few different manufacturers interconnects in my system and have always come back to Audioquest. I would recommend them highly. The Pythons will be a discernable step upward from the Corals. If you are patient you may be able to hit your budget for the Pythons (used or demo) or at least come close. You may want to do as JD suggests and find a dealer who will let you audition or buy used.

Thanks, Chuck
I have a Conrad Johnson PV-11 preamp paired with a Musical Design D-150 amp. I bought a 3 meter pair of Audioquest Viper because I needed a long run between amp and preamp. To make a long story short, I am not impressed with the Viper at all. The highs lacked that last bit resolution and the bass was a little tubby. They are just not that exciting. I have since moved the pair to a second system that also needed a long run. Everyone since has said that I should have ordered the Python instead (Teflon tube insulation). I ended up with Nordost Red Dawn.
I have a CJ PV12, CJ Dv2B player, and a CJ MF2500A using Audioquest LapisX3. I bought the cables used and I am very, very happy. I don't know anything about the newer line of AQ cables.
I have to say that I love CJ equipment and would not go anywhere else. My recommends however is that the MF2500A provides a very crisp presentation but with all the tube warmth ....without tubes.
I have Magnepan 1.6's and use Nordost SPM speaker cables for a mind blow of a soundstage.
Good luck in the land of high end stereo $$$$!