Audioquest Amazon?

Anyone have any experience with these? I'm condsidering buying a pair unheard. Any other silver or silver/copper IC recommendations for extended, detailed highs without being lean on the bottom end?
BTW, here's what my system components are:
SimAudio Moon W5 Amp, Classe CP60 preamp w/Cardas Golden Cross between them. TG Audio HSRi Squared pc on the amp, ESP Essence pc on the preamp.
Audio Research CD2 cd player, using Cardas Golden Cross interconnect and ESP Essence pc.
Magnum Dynalab FT-101A FM tuner, using Silver Audio Hyacinth
interconnect. Power cord is stock, non-removeable.
Egglestonworks Fontaine speakers with Transparent Audio Ultra XL speaker cables. REL sub.
All are plugged into a Audio Power Wedge 114 MK2 except for the amp, which is plugged directly into the wall.
I feel that replacing the Golden Cross between the CD2 and the Preamp with a silver or silver/copper hybrid ic (such as the Audioquest Amazon) would provide more "sparkle" and detail in the higher frequencies when listening to cd's.
I don't want to sacrifice the bottom end to extend the top end, which I feel would happen with a lot of silver ic's.
I would appreciate any thoughts or input. Thanks!
Yeah I owned the Amazon(5 pairs infact). It's a little dark compared to say, similar Acoustic Zen silver ref(which I like better for sure). The Acoustic Zen Matrix ref(silver/copper) is your next try! it's as good as any copper/silver made I believe. It works superbly between amp and preamp for certain. It's got incredible bass, very high resolution, extension, and clarity. I think it's worth a shot.
have fun
I recently replaced my Audioquest Audiotruth Diamond x3 interconnects with Amazons. While the Diamonds were quite bright, the Amazons were less bright, but still on the bright side. The Amazons sounded more coherent, as if the sound had been slightly smeared before and now is not smeared. This obviously heightened the sense of detail and added to playback realism. I haven't noted any deficiencies in the bass for either the Diamonds or the Amazons; both sound just fine. I'm pleased with my upgrade, although its cost (for 9 pairs of ICs) was non-negligible. I got some great deals buying the Amazons through Audiogon. For me, it was well worth it. Good luck!
If you get a chance to audition Analysis Plus, try both their silver IC's and their Copper Oval In. I use them both and am very happy with them. Excellent bass and more detail (clarity) than with any other IC's I have tried.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll research all these, right now I'm leaning toward the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference.