Audiopax and Merlin

Have someone tried Audiopax with Merlin VSM-MX?
I heard the Audiopax amps sound fantastic at T.H.E. Show this year, but I believe they are only rated to 30 watts per channel. Do you think you'll need more than 30 watts with the Merlins?

I think the Audiopax speakers they were powering were rated at about 92dB/watt and they played those plenty loud. But I think the Merlins are less efficient and it would also depend on the size of your room, its acoustic properties, and how loud you like to play your music.
I have auditioned the Audiopax Model 88 and Stereo 88 with the Merlin TSM-MX speakers and they were fantastic - particularly the Model 88 monoblocks. As a fellow Audiogoner has advised me, I think it is important to have a relatively high gain pre-amp when using the Audiopax amps. I was listening with the Audiopax Model 5 which I believe has about 22-23db gain but you can find pres with higher gain than this. 30 watts however was more than sufficient IMHO.
I have auditioned the Audiopax Model 88 with the Merlin TSM-MM speakers and they were fantastic, pristine and crystaline, the voice were the best I have heard. Now I think in buy one pair of merlin vsm mx to use with audiopax, maybe better in all aspects, because it has a btter sensitivity- 89db.One thing I can say the sound is very diferent of we ware acostumate.