Price of Audiopax

Hi All,
Any advice of what people think is a reasonable price for a show demo Audiopax Model 88 would be much appreciated (assume no more than a year old and in excellent condition and buying in Brazil where manufactured).
Thanks in advance
The list for these monos is $14,000 USD. Try 50-60% off.
YOu should be able to get a used pair of 88s between 6000-6500, I've even seen a pair listed on here within the last 2 months for 5700.00.
I thought their MSRP is $10K per pair.
I cannot seem to find a consistent MRSP for the Audiopax Model 88. The dealer in Brazil is saying it is US$15,000. Elsewhere I have seen a range of US$10-14,000. Heaven knows what the margin is in these if the MRSP can vary so much!