One off my Audiopax 88s has gone up in smoke.

Does anyone know how to contact Eduardo de Lima as I really need a spare mains transformer.

One off my 88s has gone up in smoke. If anyone knows how to get in contact with Audiopax I would be very grateful?

I have tried but no reply.

System has been down since before Christmas!!

Any help on repair/rewind or circuit diagram for a 88 would be very well received.
That is a very old page when Ecosse was dealing with him.

That webpage is available for sale if you dig a bit deeper.

After 3 months I have tried most avenues.
i wish you luck. i loved my 88s, but i was always worried about customer support should it ever be needed. last i heard, no one in the US was distributing or supporting Audiopax. You might check with Fidelis Audio in New Hampshire who, i believe, once was the US distributor. You could also check with someone at Avantgarde Audio in Germany given the frequent combination of their products.
It's possible a company can manufacture a new transformer for you, based on construction of the burned up one. There's a company in Illinois that I used for exactly that situation. I'll try to find their name, it's been a couple of years.
this unhappy situation is yet another reason not to buy from mfg's who aren't well established..sorry for the owner.
You should checkout Plitron.I think as Albert says make you one.They are doing Premium grade work.Go to their website,good luck,Bob
Thanks for your replies guys. I sent the transformer off to TRS in Maine for a rewind. For some reason they have changed their minds and are refusing to rewind the Audiopax Transformer. Yes it is 230V but how hard can it be? supplied me with a primary and secondary diagram but still not enough info for them.

I need to try and organise another rebuilt service in the US to save shipping it back and forth with no guarantee the work will get done.

I will follow up on the leads I have been sent and let you know how I get on. PITA as you guys say!
Last year, this gentleman helped me get some touch-up paint for my red Model 88's.
Give him a try:
Gregor Milbers

LANDO High Fidelity
Keep the ideas coming guys I am following them all up on the slim chance I get my music back!
The Audiopax USA rep is Gordan Burkhart-Schultz. I spoke with him and he stated that he would be willing to help you. His e-mail is
Eduardo de Silva has made contact so thank you all for your support.

I'll post when I get my music up and running again.

Well it is another month gone and I have decided to claim on my household new for old policy for fire damage.

I cannot believe a top end manufacturer does not support its products! These were less than 3 years old!

I'll let you know how I get on with my insurers.

Hi Charles,

Edward De Silva refused to help you? Fill us in on what happened. I have a good friend who has the Audiopax Model 88's and is interested in hearing the outcome of your problem. This isn't the first time I've heard horror stories about Audiopax.
Still no further forward with my 88s and it is almost Nov!

If anyone can help with a phone number for Eduardo that would be great?

No music for 10 months is really beginning to hurt now!

I had hoped things would be resolved by now but struggling to make contact again!

I was hoping to be up and running again for Christmas but they must have all gone to the beach! :O(

Anniversary of having no music and considering the future of my system now. Is it worth the hassle?

Frustrated Merry Christmas to you all.

I'll have to hum some tunes to keep me occupied over the holiday season.
You should have bought a single ended amp on A-Gon for a back-up. There is no way I would go that long with no tunes. I have a backup for everything. Sorry to hear of your poor service experience with Audiopax.
You can claim the repairs of your amplifier on your home owners insurance. I have before and it was well worth it.
I wish I could help.Best of luck,Bob
Email Jim Smith. He is claiming he can help. He posted this on audio asylum. He was just in contact with Audiopax on December 11.

Here is what he said:

" Although I didn't go to the link, there are most likely some unresolved issues out there. In fact, there have to be some. As I said in my reply to Mike B. just below:

So far, I've been able to get amps serviced for my personal retail clients.

If you hear of someone who can't, they can e-mail me: jim @ get better sound . com. The spaces need to be filled in. Or get my e-mail address from my profile.

I might be able to help them. "
Well it is now almost a year since I made contact with Audiopax and despite lots of promises I am no further forward!

15 month with no music. If anyone has any influence with Eduardo can you please ask him to expidite my repairs urgently?

I am loosing the will to get my system up and running again and am tempted to sell the lot.

Is there no one importing the equipment anymore? If so, you should work through them.

You really should just get yourself another amp in the meantime. You can always resell a used amp without much loss of money.

You are one patient individual. I think most people would have gotten rid of the Audiopax amps months ago. I refuse to purchase any products from companies with a poor service track record. You might want to consider moving on to another amp. Good luck.
I am looking at a PX-25 as a fall back. I have been busy with a new job so lets say it has not been top of my priorities over last few months.

The new web site says there will be service centres in US, Europe and Asia. Currently all servicing is at the factory.

Good Luck!

My system is just a fading memory in a distant past. Chin up old chap! :O(
All has gone quiet with Audiopax. I did receive a personal email promising to ship 2 replacement units. Then silence...............................

I am renewing my efforts of contacting them but does not look good.
Charles, I live in Brazil and I am a friend of an Audiopax partner.
I spoke with him, he is aware of your amp's problems.
I understand that Audiopax has offered to exchange your amps for new ones for a nominal fee, however this was not feasible on your side.

An Audiopax principal will contact you in a few days, as soon as parts are ready, to make arrangements for free-of-charge repairs.
If you need my assistance, by all means e-mail through Agon.
Best wishes
Charles, this is an update: my friend at Audiopax has informed me that they have contacted you in order to arrange for replacing the transformer free of charge.
Please respond to their e-mail to get the ship-to address in Europe.
My best wishes
Replied to email from Silvio Pereira so fingers crossed.

Service centre opening in Spain.

Well at 15.30 yesterday I fired up my Audiopax 88s and sat down in my big armchair.

The sound is better that I remembered and that's with the EMM Labs SACD rather than the turntable.

Eric Bibb is sounding just like he did earlier this year when I saw him in Edinburgh.

Just about to fire up the phono stage so it can heat up and I'll try some of that new vinyl I have bought!

Thanks go to Silvio for sorting me out and yes it was worth the wait! :O)
Just for the record: I also live in Brazil and visit Audiopax from time to time. After a period of reduced activity, they are back up to full steam and should be able to provide the service everyone expects from a company of this level!
Charles, I am glad to know that your problem has been solved.
If I understand it correctly, you have received upgraded amplifiers with new, improved transformers.
Audiopax has set up new service centers in Europe and the USA in order to respond faster to customer requests.
Have fun and enjoy the music.
best wishes

Yes the voltage in UK is 240 V rather than the 230V spec in Europe. The new 88s have uprated transformers to the ones I had.

I notice they are much quieter with no signal through the Duos. Before I got some resonance in the heater transformer which was annoying in quieter moments of classical music.

This has been resolved. It is good to know there will be a service centre in Europe as I am sure there is a good market in the UK for Audiopax amplifiers.

I am enjoying replaying my music collection as these amps do sound better than my old ones.

Thanks again to Audiopax,

I have been watching this thread from afar, I own a Model 5; i would really wish them to succeed in this turnaround, as their products have a promising sound. lets keep fingers crossed!


I am very happy to hear that you finally got your amplifiers fixed. I'm a little shocked, that after taking nearly two years to fixed your amps that you're thanking Audiopax. You are one patient and understanding individual. If it were me, I would sell those amps immediately while they are still working.
Brawny, I would like to point out some details that may help understand the full story:

Charles purchased used 220V amplifiers from overseas and connected them to UK's 240V, which these days is closer to 250V. Of course a transformer melted down.
He tried fixing the amps through a local tech, who made a basket case of the amplifiers. A lot of time was spent - actually more than 12 months - trying to fix the amp locally, not Charlie's fault in any case.

Audiopax went through a major reestructuring recently. On June 25, I read Charlie's post and reported the issue to one of Audiopax's new directors.

Upon receiving my e-mail, Audiopax designed a new over-specified toroidal power transformer for Charle's household voltage. A pair of transformers was custom-made, bench tested for a month, then the amplifiers were shipped back, free of charge, within a workable timeframe for a total redesign of the power supply.
My best wishes

With all due respect, what was the point of your post? To shift some of the blame to Charles or make excuses for Audiopax? The fact of the matter is that in March 2009, Charles tried to reach out to Audiopax to get his amplifiers repaired. You can read the history of the thread above. Why the amplifier's broke, who tried to fix them, and whose fault it was is irrelevant. Audiopax went MIA and apparently were restructuring for nearly two years.

Audiopax was sold and distributed hear in the U.S. for a few years. Jim Smith did a great job of promoting the Audiopax toasters. Unfortunately, Audiopax managed to develop a reputation for poor customer service. I know one customer that waited for months to get his Model 88's repaired. I came very close to purchasing a pair of Model 88's myself. A friend in the industry, convinced me not to because of these types of potential issues.

Eventually, Audiopax ran into U.S. distribution and dealer issues as well. To make matters worse, their U.S. retail prices more than doubled in a short amount of time. The devaluation of the American dollar didn't help. In addition, Audiopax was constantly fiddling with their designs. Often swapping out different parts. It got to the point where no one knew what version of the product they had received or were getting because no two were alike.

There is no doubt that Eduardo De Lima is a really nice guy. There is also no doubt that Audiopax makes great sounding products. However, it takes a lot more than these attributes to run a successful company. I would be very hesitant and cautious in purchasing any Audiopax product. However, I really do hope that they turn things around because Eduardo is a very talented designer that makes great sounding unique products.