Audiogon identifier at Stereophile show?

Is there anything in the works for 'Goners attending the show in NY, such as a little "A" decal or sticker for our show badges? This would be a nice way for folks to seek each other out in NY so as to put a face to the user names of the people we interact with online? A lot of us know each other by our "real" names but a lot of us only know each other by our user names.
They should have a fashion thing: like wearing their underwear outside their pants. You don't want everyone thinking their are a bunch of Anarchists walking around!
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I vote for Nrchy's suggestion. I can't wait to see Albert's pictures : ) Sean

PS... Please marker your name in big letters on your underwear. This way, people will instantly recognize you and we can put a face with the name's that we are so used to seeing here : )

PPS... Only one problem with this. What about those folks that "go commando" and don't normally wear underwear???
Is anyone else going to cryogenically treat their underwear I am looking to get a group rate.
I suggest a blue bandana in a back pocket,just like Al Pacino in that gay undercover flick.
This is turning into a VERY interesting thread, and the potential is limitless...
I have a much better idea....

Let's just all meet @ McSorley's ale house Thursday evening! Twenty darks please and a cheese plate!!!

For those of you who don't know it's on &th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave, just east of NYU's Cooper union building.

Nah. McSorleys is too touristy. If you want to hang with the pros Blind Tiger is the place. Hudson/w10th.
Touristy?? I guess it may be now, but after nearly twenty years away from there, Ritchie still gets me a table ANY time of day or night when I come to the door.... and likely still will if he's still alive, he was two years ago, but was starting to show signs of age...
Fine sound deserves fine food why not indulge oh come on I know you guys are snobs , I am a native new yorker and a snob when it comes to wine, food, sound systems and women oh no wait not women at that I am a slob but let's not get gross. Anyone want to dine well I suggest french oh no I am sensing the anti french put downs. You don't have to become french or speak it just indulge , there are many good french places to dine at just look up the zagat guide they are pretty much on the money.
Off Topic, Please check out the gear from Oracle Audio out of Canada, specifically the P1000 amp and if they bring the SI3000 int. amp. Thanks
I've got it!
A patch of a white van with a red circle around it and a line through it.